#31 (tie)

Turn My Swag On
@londonrain, @CasuallyCrazed & @slaybellz
11 @Phonetics Boy
| 10 @Sprockrooster @londonrain @Music Is Life | 9.25 @Maki
1 @Rei Ayanami | 4 @livefrommelbs @Empty Shoebox
My score: 7

Turn My Swag On was originally released by Soulja Boy in December 2008, and I believe Keri's version was recorded/made available in 2009, though it never actually got a commercial release.

This is a total racket. It's not awful, but picking this when we could have been rating any of Keri's fantastic singles or deep cuts that didn't make the rate... choices. It's one of the only two songs in the rate to have received a 1 (there were no 0s). According to the commentary, there's also a Cher Lloyd version of the song... but I'm good thanks.


@Rei Ayanami (1) Was this for real?

@livefrommelbs (4) One version was enough. Still better than Soulja Boy's though, I guess.

@elektroxx (7) I get that this song basically gave Cher Lloyd a career, but I’m not really the biggest fan of this.

@berserkboi (7) The man shouting every few seconds really pushes this down to a 7!

@Verandi (8) nn it's bad when I knew the Cher Lloyd version before this one.

@Holly Something (9) Yaasss Cher Lloyd!

@Sprockrooster (10) The swag. YASS MOMMA!

@londonrain (10) Soulja Boy found rotting.

Legends only:

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As for Cher Lloyd, the only two songs of hers I know are Swagger Jagger and Want U Back, and I'm not a huge fan of either, so feel free to share your faves.
The first album has some bops and some horrifying moments and this certified PJ meme

BUT the second album is quite good and it includes what is clearly her best song/single

(Embedding the audio only because it's better than the radio edit)

Bind Your Love was also great tbh

She came back recently with some kinda terrible songs so I just pretend the second album was her Come And Get It before she disappeared.
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#31 (tie)

Rain On Me
@vague & @Remorque

10 @Rei Ayanami @Tchelitchew @vague @godspeed | 9.5 @Music Is Life
3.5 @Hurricane Drunk | 4 @Empty Shoebox | 4.5 @Aester
My score: 9

Rain On Me was released in August 2003 as the second single from Ashanti's sophomore album Chapter II.

Rain On Me is the last song to leave us before the top 30, and also the second part of the only tie in Part 2. It's a lovely song, and definitely didn't expect it to be the first Ashanti cut.


@Verandi (5) GOD this is endless.

@Sprockrooster (6) Lovely.

@livefrommelbs (6) *insert RuPaul saying 'meh' GIF here*

@berserkboi (8) Could veer on annoying but doesn’t get there luckily!

@londonrain (8) One of her best mid-tempos.​

@Maki (8.25) This is really enjoyable, the chorus is my favorite part. I only wish it went further into the sadness, at least melodically.

@Music Is Life (9.5) The chorus kinda goes awf on this one. Or is that the pre-chorus?

@Rei Ayanami (10) Her best song? At least up to that point. The music is nice and she sounds strong.

@godspeed (10) This song ticks all the right boxes for me. A good use of an Isaac Hayes sample? Yes. A passionate and bloody great vocal performance? Yes. A dramatic music video that reveals the real meaning of the song? Yes. A total classic? YES.​

Legends only:

Top 30


Paradise (LL Cool J feat. Amerie)
I'm Coming Out
I Don't Care (Ricky Martin feat. Fat Joe & Amerie)


Always On Time (Ja Rule feat. Ashanti)
Rain On Me
The Way That I Love You

Miss Your Touch

Let's Go Crazy (feat. Akon)
The Boys (with Nicki Minaj)

Christina Milian
Play (Jennifer Lopez feat. Christina Milian)
Got To Have You
Call Me, Beep Me!
Whatever U Want (feat. Joe Budden)
Someday One Day
Do It (feat. Lil Wayne)
Like Me (feat. Snoop Dogg)

Saturday (DARKO feat. Christina Milian)

Oh (feat. Ludacris)
Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake)
Pucker Up
Gimmie Dat
Got Me Good

Get Along With You
Keep It Down
Millionaire (feat. Andre 3000)
Bounce (Calvin Harris feat. Kelis)

Keri Hilson
Turn My Swag On
The Way You Love Me (feat. Rick Ross)
All The Boys

Smoking Cigarettes
Make Ur Move
Sexual Healing (Oops part. 2)
Somebody Else Will (feat. Missy Elliott)
Forgot to post my averages earlier, so here they are:

Amerie - 8,550
Ashanti - 8,625
Cassie - 6,5625
Christina - 8,3125
(9,25 without the songs from the EP)
Ciara - 8,107
Kelis - 8,417
Tweet - 6,8125

Poor Cassie and Tweet... and especially poor Keri Hilson ddd

I might as well post mine too

Amerie 7.4
Ashanti 9
Cassie 8.75
Christina Milian 9
Ciara 9.714
Kelis 8.167
Keri Hilson 9.25
Tweet 9.5
Poor Cassie and Tweet... and especially poor Keri Hilson ddd
Both Cassie and Tweet suffered from having so few songs and no apparent standouts.
Poor Keri Hilson indeed haha!

Here are all the averages:
Amerie - 8,550
Ashanti - 8,625
Cassie - 6,5625
Christina - 8,3125
(9,25 without the songs from the EP)
Ciara - 8,107
Kelis - 8,417
Keri - 7,875
Tweet - 6,8125

"Rain On Me" left way earlier than I thought. Still, I'm not overly bothered by its elimination, but there's much worse left.