Keep It Down, All the Boys and
are my lowest scores left so I'd be happy for any of them to miss the top ten.

Got To Have You
@tylerc904 & @Conan

10 @elektroxx @Phonetics Boy @berserkboi @tylerc904 @londonrain @ssa @Holly Something | 9.75 @Maki
4 @Sprockrooster | 5 @Rei Ayanami @Empty Shoebox
My score: 8

Got To Have You was released in October 2011 as the eleventh track on Christina Milian's self-titled debut album.

A cute bop, I didn't really expect it to make the top 20 but I'm not mad about it. Out of the album tracks in the rate, Got To Have You gets the bronze medal, leaving only All The Boys and Keep It Down in the run.


@Sprockrooster (4) I feel bad for the people voting for this, but this is not great. I am sorry.

@Rei Ayanami (5) Sounds like it wants to be bigger than it is.

@godspeed (5) This sounds like a Rodney Jerkins production by the numbers. And it wasn't even produced by him.

@Verandi (6) I mean it's competent but I feel like she repeats the chorus 25 times by the end of the song.

@livefrommelbs (8) I'm not sure I've heard this one before, but I really like it.

@Maki (9.75) This is so fun! Love this type of melodic R&B tunes. The chorus is super-catchy and the song overall is addictive. It gets just a tiny bit repetitive near the end, but the instrumentation makes up for it. Wish I could listen to this more, since it's available in my region.

@elektroxx (10) A bop. This makes me miss Bloodshy & Avant.

@berserkboi (10) Beautiful!

@londonrain (10) Maybe I should listen to a full Christina Milian album.

@ssa (10) This is very Disney girl but I’m all for the pling-plonging in the bridge and the chorus is SOLID.

@Holly Something (10) Such a bop!

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Keep It Down
me & @tylerc904

10 @Rei Ayanami me @berserkboi @tylerc904 @Verandi @vague @ssa @Holly Something @Maki @Music Is Life | 9.7 @Untouchable Ace
2 @Empty Shoebox | 5 @londonrain | 6 @RUNAWAY @Bslg17 @abael

Keep It Down was released in December 2003 as the fourth track on Kelis's third album Tasty.

A rock bop, yas. I love the contrast between the hard chorus and verses and the light, birds chirping pre-chorus. Keep It Down is one of the only five songs to have received ten or more 10s, and it's the second most successful album track in the rate.


@godspeed (8) "Tasty" was so full of hits waiting to happen. The single choices were impeccable ("In Public" included, what a freaky banger), but they could have honestly released a couple more. This one right here could have been huge. The Neptunes at their best!

@Sprockrooster (9) Prominent electric guitar always for the win.

@Untouchable Ace (9.7) Turn it up.

@Rei Ayanami (10) I love the production and the sassy vocals.

@berserkboi (10) What an amazing discovery! Tasty had all the greatness, hey?

@Verandi (10) The nerve of putting Trick Me, Milkshake and Keep It Down back to back on Tasty. Girl, my wig! I'm still waiting for a full pop-rock album from Kelis, in the vein of this, Perfect Day and I Don't Think So. MAKE IT HAPPEN K!

@Holly Something (10) I love this song, and the album.

Legends only:

No... first "Got To Have You" and now "Keep It Down".

All of my (two) 10's are gone.
I just had to give a 10 to "Keep It Down", because the pre-chorus made me melt. That melody is absolutely gorgeous. And, of course, the juxtaposition, as well as the production is excellent. Wonderful to see all these high scores for it.
Also, @berserkboi giving full marks to a song that includes electric guitars? We love to see it!
I'll post the next two eliminations a bit later. Which two songs do y'all think will/should miss the top 10?

My picks would be Acapella and Millionaire as they're my two lowest scores left (my only two scores below 9 left in fact). Based on what I said earlier it'd be impossible for it to be those two though.

Millionaire (feat. André 3000)
@Tchelitchew, @berserkboi @lalaclairi_, @godspeed & @Remorque
11 @godspeed @Holly Something
| 10 @elektroxx @Phonetics Boy @Sprockrooster @berserkboi @Ana Raquel @vague @Untouchable Ace | 9.5 @Music Is Life
2 @abael | 3 @Verandi | 4 @Empty Shoebox
My score: 7

Millionaire was released in October 2004 as the third single from Kelis's third album Tasty.

Millionaire is the second song in the rate to have received multiple 11s. I have to say this one never really clicked with me. It's nice enough, but it definitely seems like a weird single choice, and I was surprised so many people picked it for Part 2.


@Verandi (3) Confession time: I… hate 99% of Andre 3000's output. I can't stand him. Exceptions are a couple of Outkast tracks and Bubble Pop Electric. Millionaire commits the crime of being an Andre song featuring Kelis. If she had 70% of the vocals it would get a 7-8 probably. As it is tho, I can't. Sorry to those who picked it.

@Maki (8) Interesting song, from the song structure, to the elements used, which manages to keep my attention. Not sure if I was sold on this the very first time I heard it, but it grows on me with each listen. Kelis' part where she sings 'papa, I'm a millionaire' is rather lovely.

@livefrommelbs (8.25) This one was definitely my faves from Tasty. Such a well-written and produced tune.

@Rei Ayanami (9) It took a while to grow on me, but I love it now.

@Sprockrooster (10) I guess this song is not autobiographical (anymore) since she is on the Masked Singer. Still a massive bop though.

@berserkboi (10) Another back up 11 right here! What a tune!

@Untouchable Ace (10) The right type of tame mainstream bonkers.

@godspeed (11) I have a lot to say about this song but, at the same time, I don't think it's really necessary. "Millionaire" just means a lot to me. It's linked to a lot of memories and, exactly like "Trick Me" which was my 11 in the part I of this incredible rate, it takes me back to a different era of R&B, of music, and of my life. "Millionaire" is a song that came back into my life at very different moments of it, which makes it even more special. I also believe it is one of Kelis and Andre 3000's greatest songs. His second verse is legendary. I love how this song feels like a conversation between two people. I love how you can't tell if this is a Kelis song or a Andre 3000 one. I love the vulnerability you can feel when Kelis starts singing on the second verse, giving a totally different feel to the track after Andre's first verse. I love the humor in this song. I love the instantly nostalgic feel in the production. I love everything about "Millionaire." A well-deserved 11, for sure.

@Holly Something (11) Quite simply bonkers, I love it!

Legends only:


All The Boys
me, @tylerc904 & @RUNAWAY

10 @elektroxx @Phonetics Boy me @RUNAWAY @tylerc904 @Holly Something @Music Is Life | 9.5 @Robsolete
4 @Empty Shoebox | 5 @londonrain | 6 @ssa

All The Boys was released in December 2010 as the eleventh (and last if you don't count the Pretty Girl Rock remix tacked at the end) track on Keri's sophomore album No Boys Allowed.

I had never actually got around to listening to No Boys Allowed before this rate (no idea why because I actually loved Keri's debut) and All The Boys was definitely one of the favourite discovery I made because of this rate. Such a gorgeous song. All The Boys is, deservingly, the most successful album track in the rate.


@Sprockrooster (8) Technically not a bop, but I still love this!

@Rei Ayanami (8) Really nice. Gorgeous vocal.

@livefrommelbs (9) I stan this one. So beautiful and earnest.

@berserkboi (9) Builds to something special!

@godspeed (9) I'm a basic R&B stan so of course I love this. On a side note, I am surprised at how well this album aged!

@elektroxx (10) This always manages to get me in my feels.

@RUNAWAY (10) so glad someone else voted for this. Totally my favorite Keri vocal performance.

@Holly Something (10) An 11 contender for me, one of my faves from that album.

@Music Is Life (10) This sounds like it’s going to be kinda beautiful. Yesss I love the piano in this. I really like the way it builds, those drums are everything. I was right, this is so pretty, while being boppy at the same time. Her voice! The backing vocals! I love everything about this!

Legends only:

Top 10


Paradise (LL Cool J feat. Amerie)
I'm Coming Out
I Don't Care (Ricky Martin feat. Fat Joe & Amerie)

Always On Time (Ja Rule feat. Ashanti)
Rain On Me
The Way That I Love You

Miss Your Touch
Let's Go Crazy (feat. Akon)
The Boys (with Nicki Minaj)

Christina Milian
Play (Jennifer Lopez feat. Christina Milian)
Got To Have You
Call Me, Beep Me!

Whatever U Want (feat. Joe Budden)
Someday One Day
Do It (feat. Lil Wayne)
Like Me (feat. Snoop Dogg)
Saturday (DARKO feat. Christina Milian)

Oh (feat. Ludacris)
Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake)
Pucker Up
Gimmie Dat

Got Me Good

Get Along With You
Keep It Down
Millionaire (feat. Andre 3000)

Bounce (Calvin Harris feat. Kelis)

Keri Hilson
Turn My Swag On
The Way You Love Me (feat. Rick Ross)
All The Boys

Smoking Cigarettes
Make Ur Move
Sexual Healing (Oops part. 2)
Somebody Else Will (feat. Missy Elliott)
In red my preferred eliminations now. Promise, Acapella and Energy are the only winners I'll accept.
Top 10

Always On Time (Ja Rule feat. Ashanti)

Christina Milian
Play (Jennifer Lopez feat. Christina Milian)
Whatever U Want (feat. Joe Budden)

Oh (feat. Ludacris)
Love Sex Magic (feat. Justin Timberlake)
Got Me Good


Keri Hilson
Can't believe the Ja Rule song is still in. He sounds horrendous.