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I regret not giving my 11 to "Always On Time" now.
10 voters:
#1 Always On Time (Ja Rule feat. Ashanti) (9.6)
#2 Oh (feat. Ludacris) (9.3)
#3 Promise (9.1)
#4 ??? #1 (9.05)
#5 Millionaire (feat. Andre 3000) (8.825)
This would've been an iconic Top 5, tbh.
I was hoping that "Whatever U Want" (8,25) would win out of the top 3.

"Always On Time" ended up overrated. I mean, the hook is good, but the rest is just meh. I gave it a 7,25. I've never even heard the song before, so maybe it has to grow on me.

My average score for this top 2 is 7,785. I don't really care if any song wins, but both are really good.

Play (Jennifer Lopez feat. Christina Milian)
@lalaclairi_ & @RUNAWAY

10 @elektroxx me @RUNAWAY @Ana Raquel @tylerc904 @Verandi @Hurricane Drunk @vague @Untouchable Ace @Music Is Life | 9.5 @Robsolete
5 @Phonetics Boy @berserkboi | 7 @Holly Something

Play was released in March 2001 as the second single from Jennifer Lopez's sophomore album J.Lo. It goes without saying, but Christina Milian sings the whole chorus, and she was also one of the songwriters.

Play was never even in the top 5 until the twenty voter point, and like Whatever U Want, it really benefited from being one of the only two songs @Empty Shoebox gave a really high score to. If @Empty Shoebox hadn't voted, it would have ended up at #6. Also, @Music Is Life originally had both a 10 and a 9.5 listed for this in his ballot. I had to ask to make sure which was the right one, and it was former, but if it had been the latter, the 0.5 difference would have been enough for Play to drop to #3. Play got both less 10s and 11s than the winner, but it also benefited from only getting four scores below 8, the least out of all the songs in the rate. Also, the fact that this only made Part 2 due to @lalaclairi_'s pick, and then @lalaclairi_ didn't even vote... I have to laugh.


@berserkboi (5) Never loved this and though I can hear more of Ms Milian here, It doesn’t feature her enough for a higher score. Have always disliked that “woop woop” sound too!

@Holly Something (7) Not either of their best.

@Sprockrooster (8) Yes. I had to knock off some points cause suddenly there is an absolute superstar in this rate. But damn. THIS IS TO GOOD to score less than an 8,0 (I was actually aiming for a 5,0). Christina Milian deserves a win if it happens, cause she did that!

@Rei Ayanami (8) Nice song, the chorus is 70% of reason it's good. Is it just me, or was every single released from this album completely different from each other?

@ssa (8) How the fact that the vocals in the chorus don’t match the verses flew over my head I’ll never understand. I am not the biggest fan of the song as a whole, but I absolutely love how bouncy the production is.

@godspeed (8) I love that this was included in the rate!

@Maki (8) Took me the entire song to figure out why this is labeled as Christina's song, and then I read the comments saying she sings most of the vocals in the chorus. One of the very few songs I've heard before joining this rate, and it's really good.

@livefrommelbs (9) LOL the shade of it all! P.s. a classic.

@londonrain (9) Still knocks.

@Music Is Life (10) This is a bop. I haven’t really listened to J-Lo’s music, and I’m not 100% sure I can really hear Christina on this, but this is a lot of fun. (Who you can't hear is JLo in the chorus DDD)

@elektroxx (10) The shade of this inclusion. This is one of Jennifer Lopez’s best song, if not her best, and her aversion to it has always seemed odd.

@RUNAWAY (10) obviously a ten. This is my fav JLo song and my fav Christina song~

@Verandi (10) I mean Play has been my favourite Jlo song durig my teenage years and I still love it. I don't have the heart to tank it for being… a choice for the lolz. But then again it's easily Christina's best song.

@Untouchable Ace (10) I always knew that it wasn't JLo singing the chorus but it didn't click that it was Milian until this rate. Couldn't they have more respectfully cradited her and had Chrstina appear in the video?

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@livefrommelbs, @vague, @KingBruno, @Robsolete, @Aester, @Empty Shoebox, @Remorque & @Untouchable Ace
11 @Robsolete
| 10 @elektroxx @Phonetics Boy me @RUNAWAY @Bslg17 @londonrain @Verandi @Hurricane Drunk @vague @ssa @Untouchable Ace @Holly Something | 9.5 @berserkboi @godspeed @Music Is Life
4 @Empty Shoebox | 5.5 @Aester | 6 @abael

Energy was released in May 2008 as the lead single from Keri's debut album In A Perfect World...

We love an unexpected winner! And we also love a comeback story, what with the way Ms. Keri was done wrong in Part 1. Energy received the most 10s in the whole rate and was also the most picked song (tied with Always On Time), so maybe its win isn't as surprising after all. Still, it's quite impressive for a song that's definitely not even a bop to win the rate, that's the power that Energy has.


@Sprockrooster (6) I am stanning Keri in this part of the rate as hard as I can, but this is a tad too weak. Sorry.

@Rei Ayanami (9) Her singing was nice, but a little more emotion would've made this even better.

@livefrommelbs (9) Great vocals, beautiful vocals! I miss this kind of fizzy, synth-heavy R'n'B pop.

@berserkboi (9.5) A strong moment for Keri!

@godspeed (9.5) I wasn't ready for this throwback. This song is 10 years-old already? What the fuck?

@Music Is Life (9.5) Mid-tempo bop! I love the piano in the production, and the melody, especially on the chorus is so catchy and pretty at the same time. I love her voice on this too.

@elektroxx (10) When this was first released, I found it to be a disappointing debut single, but I’ve grown to really enjoy it.

@londonrain (10) I remember there was a version of this that for some reason removed her vocals on the middle 8 entirely, leaving you with this weird instrumental break that sounded really awkward. A kii.

@Verandi (10) WHAT A CHORUS. Should have smashed everywhere.

@Untouchable Ace (10) It has hit written all over it.

@Holly Something (10) Beautiful.​

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Legends only:


Me trying really hard to find the correlation between these three songs until I saw this ddd.
(Upcoming rate #promo)

Me trying really hard to find the correlation between these three songs until I saw this ddd.

They are always connected though, if I manage to work in a song from my next rate into the mix, that's just a bonus. In this case, the Strangers video has a boxing theme just like the Energy one. And Born To Die and Energy are both about doomed relationships (and so is Strangers, in a way).
Oh my god! I never thought Energy would win, but it's fucking deserved. Not even exaggerating when I say it's one of my favourite songs of the 00s.

I'm actually quite shook that it was the joint most picked/most 10s song of the rate, I had no idea it was so popular on here. Taste hasn't always been abundant in this rate, but this certainly made up for it.

I remember when the song came out, me and my best friend were weirdly low-key perched for Keri after The Way I Are and all the hype around her, and after my first play of the song I texted him saying ''Oh btw, Keri Hilson just released THE BEST SONG OF THE YEAR!'' A few minutes later, after listening, he texted me back with ''Wait, she actually fucking did?!'' I genuinely thought the song would smash as hard as Too Little Too Late, but sadly it never took off.

Anyway, this whole rate has been brilliant @soratami. So many bops and so many memories!