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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland would have been a good fit for the rate, but she wasn't included mainly because being part of Destiny's Child, one of the biggest girl groups ever, which have been releasing music since 1997, puts her in a pretty different position compared to the acts actually in the rate. Known both for her R&B bops as well as her Dance-Pop bangers (as shown below), Kelly has a really strong singles discography and definitely would have gotten an high average from me.

Songs we could have rated:

Kelly's debut single, released in 2002. An early 00s staple that was a huge hit all over the world:

The second single from her sophomore album, released in 2008. A mega-bop:

This 2009 David Guetta collaboration that was huge hit pretty much everywhere aside from the US:

The iconic lead single from Kelly's third album Here I Am, released in 2011:

The lead single from Kelly's latest album Talk A Good Game, from 2013:
(Secretly really looking forward to us discussing Whine Up in one of these spotlights #soon!)

Kelly indeed has a mighty impressive singles discography, at one point it was stronger than Beyoncé's in my eyes, which I hadn't expected! Also - justice for Can't Nobody! :D
Acts we could have rated #6/#7


Michelle Williams & LeToya Luckett

This one wasn't planned in advance, but when doing the Kelly Rowland spotlight, it got me thinking that, even though they weren't as big as Kelly (or Beyoncé, obviously), the other Destiny's Child members also had released some fantastic singles and maybe deserved to be here as well. Given Michelle's discography is mostly gospel and I'm not that familiar with the majority of LeToya's, I decided to combine the two of them in a single spotlight. Still, plenty of quality bops between the two of them.

Songs we could have rated:

Relased in 2008, the first single from Michelle's third album Unexpected, her first not to be gospel influenced, and also a total classic:

The third single from Unexpected:

The third single from Michelle's latest album, Journey to Freedom, from 2014. Probably the biggest gospel banger since Mary Mary's Shackles (Praise You):

Released in 2006, LeToya's debut single and also her biggest hit. A smooth R&B jam:

The second single from LeToya's second album, from 2009. A banger:
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Amerie - 8,2
Ashanti - 8,6
Cassie - 7,3
Christina - 7,5
Ciara - 9,6
Kelis - 9,1
Keri - 9,2
Tweet - 8,6

Disclaimer: I thought my overall average would be higher, cause of all my 9's and 10's accross the board. But dividing the averages by the number 9 (amount of songs) for an artiste a 5,0 or 6,0 has serious impact. That said: Ciara and Keri remained unbothered.


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LeToya had some weird single choices when there were bangers that she never bothered to put out as singles.

@chanex, sis, back me up here.

(For some reason her debut has been taken off streaming, and her third album is under "LeToya Luckett" but her second album is under "LeToya", with completely different artist pages. Sis, I understand the multiple name thing, but if Marina can sort out her artist page, so can you.)