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Oh, Ashanti is one of those artists whose voice has gotten stronger and more accomplished over time - but in Rock Wit U she sounds like she’s straining her voice a lot, which seems unnecessary for a song that isn’t that hard.
Voter picks: Amerie (part 2)

Losing U (@londonrain)
My pick for Amerie is Losing U. Ms. Rogers really went out and took the riff from iconic 1992 track Didi by Khaled and seamlessly wove it into an R&B bop. (Compare this with, say, the absolute fucking hash Ciara made of the Kehna Hi Kya sample on Turntables.)

Falling (@lalaclairi_)

All I Need (@tylerc904)

Give It All UpHigher (@Verandi)

Midnight Rain (@godspeed)
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Voter picks: Amerie (part 3)

More Than Love (@Aester)

What I Want (@Empty Shoebox)

Destiny's Child Tribute (@slaybellz)
I don't actually know any other Amerie songs so please highlight this Destiny's Child tribute ddd.

Not The Only One (@Holly Something)
My fave song of hers, I was hoping for a single release.

after every artist, I inserted a picture/gif about my feelings listening to their song selections

Voter picks: Ashanti (part 2)

Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. 7 Aurelius) (@Sprockrooster)
The vast amount of bops I could pick from. I also highly adore Wonderful and her added verse for her Concrete Rose album, but the whole R. Kelly thing in that feature - let me stay away. 7 Aurelius is a much safer pick there. His vocals are actually good for a male R&B artist.

Let's Go (@Empty Shoebox)

Down 4 U (feat. Ja Rule)
I feel like everyone is gonna pick "Always On Time" or "Mesmerize", so let me choose "Down 4 U" with Ja Rule.

Foolish/Sonnet (mash-up)
It's nowhere to be found online, but someone onced did a mashup of The Verve's Sonnet and Foolish and it was the most wonderful thing.

Freedom (@Holly Something)
I love the message of the song.

Into You (Fabulous feat. Ashanti)
(@Untouchable Ace)

after every artist, I inserted a picture/gif about my feelings listening to their song selections.

Voter picks: Cassie (part 2)

What Do U Want (@GimmeWork)

Rocka Bye Baby (@lalaclairi_)

Indo (@Sprockrooster)
When talking R&B queens I obviously need a way to shoe-in Solange in here somewhere. She brought the bops in the zeroes with Crush, I Decided, Sandcastle Disco (an 11) and T.O.N.Y.! What is the link with Cassie you wonder. Well, Indo is on Solange's mixtape Saint Heron.

Teach Me