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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Oh, Ashanti is one of those artists whose voice has gotten stronger and more accomplished over time - but in Rock Wit U she sounds like she’s straining her voice a lot, which seems unnecessary for a song that isn’t that hard.
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  2. Yes, Ashanti has become a MUCH better singer over time. When she first came out, her live performances were horrifying. She performed in Baltimore around 2002, and all anyone could talk about was how bad she sounded.
  3. I just discovered this remix of "Rock Wit U," which samples Michael Jackson's "Rock With You." I'm not the biggest fan of it, but it's interesting.

    Edit: Oops. I just realized that it's the remix that you're referring to in the write-up, @soratami.
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  4. Voter picks: Amerie (part 2)

    Losing U (@londonrain)
    My pick for Amerie is Losing U. Ms. Rogers really went out and took the riff from iconic 1992 track Didi by Khaled and seamlessly wove it into an R&B bop. (Compare this with, say, the absolute fucking hash Ciara made of the Kehna Hi Kya sample on Turntables.)

    Falling (@lalaclairi_)

    All I Need (@tylerc904)

    Give It All UpHigher (@Verandi)

    Midnight Rain (@godspeed)
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  5. All I Need if from the Touch album.
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  6. Voter picks: Amerie (part 3)

    More Than Love (@Aester)

    What I Want (@Empty Shoebox)

    Destiny's Child Tribute (@slaybellz)
    I don't actually know any other Amerie songs so please highlight this Destiny's Child tribute ddd.

    Not The Only One (@Holly Something)
    My fave song of hers, I was hoping for a single release.

  7. Oops. I'm trying to go with official channel videos, and the first one that showed up when I searched All I Need on Youtube was that one, I didn't notice it was actually a different song ddd. Fixed it now though.
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  8. My Amerie pick so far being unmentioned. Does it mean it has more voters?
  9. That's all for the Amerie songs that only got picked by one person. We'll be going through all the songs that only got picked once before we get to the rest.
  10. Not you posting a question and me posting the answer at the exact same time ddd. Yeah, your song got picked by at least one more person. We'll get to those later.
  11. Talent!!
  12. Geez!! The Amerie Stans are giving good cause for her to have a discography rate....
  13. We stan a massive bop.
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  14. Voter picks: Ashanti (part 2)

    Don't Leave Me Alone (feat. 7 Aurelius) (@Sprockrooster)
    The vast amount of bops I could pick from. I also highly adore Wonderful and her added verse for her Concrete Rose album, but the whole R. Kelly thing in that feature - let me stay away. 7 Aurelius is a much safer pick there. His vocals are actually good for a male R&B artist.

    Let's Go (@Empty Shoebox)

    Down 4 U (feat. Ja Rule)
    I feel like everyone is gonna pick "Always On Time" or "Mesmerize", so let me choose "Down 4 U" with Ja Rule.

    Foolish/Sonnet (mash-up)
    It's nowhere to be found online, but someone onced did a mashup of The Verve's Sonnet and Foolish and it was the most wonderful thing.

    Freedom (@Holly Something)
    I love the message of the song.

    Into You (Fabulous feat. Ashanti)
    (@Untouchable Ace)

  15. Yes. My second pick would have beenthis. Concrete Rose is just so good!
  16. I'm proud of my picks here! "So Over You" was a huge highlight of The Declaration. "Make You a Believer" has an incredible groove.
  17. Voter picks: Cassie (part 2)

    What Do U Want (@GimmeWork)

    Rocka Bye Baby (@lalaclairi_)

    Indo (@Sprockrooster)
    When talking R&B queens I obviously need a way to shoe-in Solange in here somewhere. She brought the bops in the zeroes with Crush, I Decided, Sandcastle Disco (an 11) and T.O.N.Y.! What is the link with Cassie you wonder. Well, Indo is on Solange's mixtape Saint Heron.

    Teach Me
  18. Voter picks: Cassie (part 3)

    Radio (@RUNAWAY)
    Radio!! That song is fucking amazing. I’m also a fan of The Boys but let’s just agree to disagree on that one.

    Stamina (@Verandi)

    About Time (@Robsolete)

    Numb (feat. Rick Ross) (@godspeed)

    My House (@Aester)
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