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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Voter picks: Cassie (part 4)

    Simple Things (@Empty Shoebox)

    All My Love (@slaybellz)
    "RockaByeBaby" but if someone's already picked it, please do "All My Love" instead.

    Kiss Me (@Holly Something)

    Fly With U (Far East Movement feat. Cassie) (@Untouchable Ace)


    That's so @londonrain
  2. I still can't believe that issues between Murder Inc and Def Jam prevented this classic from being a single.
  3. I didn't know about that. I just read there was nearly a 6 month gap between Only U and the second single from the album too, a mess.
  4. Around the time of the release of Concrete Rose, Irv Gotti was facing charges of money laundering, which led to Def Jam cutting ties with Murder Inc. and lack of financing for the rest of the album's campaign. These label issues led to a delay in the release of the second single and as Ashanti had to finance the music video herself, she opted to release "Don't Let Them" instead of "Don't Leave Me Alone."
  5. And that pretty much put an end to Ashanti's chart-topping days. Sad.
  6. I find these sorts of things so fascinating (and yes, very sad too!). It’s such an insight into how much stock a label has in an artist’s success - it really is the music BUSINESS,
  7. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Sis, you’re really going to include my Cassie commentary but omit my Amerie commentary for Losing U?

  9. My voter pick for Cassie not being posted... I will not be censored!

  10. I think they said the songs that got multiple shoutouts are coming later? I'm assuming this one got multiple shoutouts.
  11. Call U Out was almost my pic. The beat is really great.
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  12. What happened was I thought I'd already included yours in the first "voter picks" post I made a while back, and when I noticed I hadn't and went back to add it to this one, I forgot to check if there was any commentary. Added it now though.

    That's exactly it. We'll get to the songs picked my more than one person later.
  13. It's interesting to see how varied Cassie's picks were compared to Amerie and Ashanti.
  14. Well aren't I a clown.
  15. Voter picks: Christina Milian (part 1)

    Hello (Stafford Brothers feat. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian) (@livefrommelbs)

    L.O.V.E. (RedOne Remix) (@Tchelitchew)
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  16. Voter picks: Christina Milian (part 2)

    Get Loose (@vague)

    Gonna Tell Everybody (@londonrain)
    My pick is a song that is not a bop by any measure - Gonna Tell Everybody (which was supposed to be the single after Say I).

    (It's slightly odd that Christina's biggest hit in Australia by a long shot is her feature on the Stafford Brothers' generic EDM banger Hello, which is good but not especially distinctive.)

    I Can Be That Woman (@CasuallyCrazed)

    Christina Milian
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  17. I wish I had the time to explore their discographies before this, but I will take the opportunity over winter break to do so, starting with all these songs probably.
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  18. Oh my gosh, this whole time, I thought it was Mya who sang L.O.V.E.
  19. Oh wow, I had no idea Christina sung Hello!
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