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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Maybe Christina Milian is the real elusive chanteuse.
  2. This was my second choice. "Gonna Tell Everybody" is one of my favorite ballads of all time.
    Looking at Christina Milian's chart positions in Australia, I didn't realize that "AM To PM" underperformed and "When You Look At Me" was her breakthrough hit. Also, I had no idea that her biggest markets were Ireland, the Netherlands and the UK.
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  3. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I just remembered the existence of this:

    Legends sampling legends.

  4. It's All Gravy as an expression and a song title is... hideous.
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  5. ssa


    I've always loved the song and thought I'd added it as a voter's pick but apparently I did not. I would've liked her to go down that road a bit more.

    Also. This would've worked great on Kylie's Body Language.
  6. Not when you wrote
    at the end of every single Christina Milian commentary ddd
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  7. Voter picks: Ciara (part 2)

    High Price feat. Ludacris (@Sprockrooster)
    The high vocals are reminiscent like the ones on Goodies, but now perfected. The absolute vocal talent Ciara showcases her is out of this world. Also, Ludacris is basically having his best spits ever! A massive 11 for a Ciara rate, which I still regret not taking part in.

    Body Party (@RUNAWAY)

    I Love Myself (feat. Macklemore) (@Daniel_O)

    I Bet (@Robsolete)

    Get Up (@slaybellz)
    "Get Up" but if someone's already picked it, please do "Oh" instead.
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  8. Really i'm the only one who mentioned Get Up? Flops!
  9. Voter picks: Ciara (part 3)

    Takin' Back My Love (Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciara) (@Conan)

    Thinkin' Bout You (@Holly Something)
    What an absolutely euphoric bop. Honestly this song just makes me so happy.

    Give Me Love (@Remorque)

    Paint It, Black (@Music Is Life)

    Livin' It Up (feat. Nicki Minaj) (@Butterfly)

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  10. The amount of classics just in the songs with only one vote though. Legends only.
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  11. Only one voter for Body Party surprises me, but with such a massive discography not a shock. Also her version of Paint It Black is pretty much on par with the original. Coming from me, that is saying much.

    This one is amazing too:
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  12. Voter picks: Kelis (part 1)

    Bless The Telephone (@ssa)

    Trilogy (@Rei Ayanami)

    Lil' Star (feat. Cee-Lo) (@londonrain)
    Lil' Star is probably Kelis's best vocal performance on a single and it's a shame Cee Lo is on it, given that Cee Lo is... clearly not a nice person. 2007 was a more innocent time, though, so I enjoy this for what it is.

    (Honourable mention to Acapella despite it not being an R&B song because... well, who knew an artist could put out songs as different as Milkshake and Acapella and make both of them sound so good? It would have been an instant 10 if it had been included.)

    Home (@Hurricane Drunk)
  13. Ah! We are up to Kelis so I guess JT has more fans here than I expected....
  14. Voter picks: Kelis (part 2)

    Popular Thug (feat. Nas) (@Sprockrooster)
    This track taken from the classic album 'The Neptunes present... Clones' only has a new rapper and basically the rest remained the same. Pusha T did definitely allright, but there is something about lovie dovies Nas and Kelis on this track. Also the production makes this stellar. No wonder this my 11 in the Kelis rate.

    I Don't Think So (@Verandi)

    In Public (feat. Nas) (@Daniel_O)

    Marathon (@Aester)

    Finest Dreams (Richard X feat. Kelis) (@Empty Shoebox)
  15. I completely forgot about Finest Dreams. Thanks for reminding me @Empty Shoebox
  16. I've been saying for years that Ciara has an amazing discography, way beyond the singles alone. It's so good to see that others agree!
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  17. Voter picks: Kelis (part 3)

    Not In Love (Enrique Iglesias feat. Kelis)

    Stick Up (@Holly Something)
    Another album that got heavy rotation in my house, this was just a really great song that I enjoy a lot.

    Hearts (Dan Black feat. Kelis) (@Untouchable Ace)

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  18. It's not that surprising, is it? Love, Sex & Magic is one of her poppiest songs, and a huge bop too.

    I'd totally forgotten about it before this rate too! A bop.
  19. Not In Love is Kelis doing what Kelis does best and saving a song from forever belonging in the Adult Contemporary Radio Channel!

    (Really though, it feels like the song gets injected with life as soon as she starts)
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