Boogie 2Nite
Tweet 2/9

10 @elektroxx me @Ana Raquel @vague @londonrain @Sprockrooster @Music Is Life @Remorque @Cutlery | 9.8 @berserkboi
3 @CasuallyCrazed | 5 @Rei Ayanami @Bslg17 @KingBruno @Hurricane Drunk

5: #48 (7.4)
10: #42 (8.18)
15: #34 (7.986)
20: #42 (7.715)
25: #41 (7.672)
30: #35 (7.877)
35: #36 (7.94)
All: #33 (7.984)

Boogie 2Nite was released in October 2002 as the third and final single from Tweet's debut album Southern Hummimngbird. It was written by Tweet, Nisan Stewart (who had previously worked with Missy Elliott and went on to produce Nelly Furtado's No Hay Igual) and John "Jubu" Smith, and produced by the latter two. The Disco bop showed a different side of Tweet, but unfortunately didn't do much commercially, only charting at #167 in the US and not making any impact in Europe. A Director X video was filmed, but unfortunately it never saw the light of day, which is a shame because the man is responsible for some fantastic videos. Boogie 2Nite was also used in 2002 film The Transporter's soundtrack.

Now, this might not be true for the Americans in here, but for the rest of us, Boogie 2Nite is mostly known for the iconic UK dance duo Booty Luv cover, released as their debut single in 2006 to great success (#2 in the UK and top 10/20 in several other countries). Let's take a moment to enjoy it, because honestly it still slaps all these years later:

That was a classic, that was a classic.

Boogie 2Nite received nine 10s, which is pretty great, but unfortunately a fair share of mediocre/average scores kept it from doing much better. It certainly deserved a spot in the top 30, but never actually managed to place higher than #33 through the whole voting period, with Call Me actually being the 2nd highest Tweet song in the rate until we hit 30 voters. That said, it could always be worse, it does have an almost 8 average, which is pretty great.

Shrugging 2Nite:
@Rei Ayanami (5) Kinda dull for me, but it would get older folks moving.

@Untouchable Ace (6.1) All over the place.

@RUNAWAY (7.5) I’m sorry I promise I like Tweet. I bopped a bit but like...not as much as everyone else.

Bopping 2Nite:
@livefrommelbs (8) I think I prefer Booty Luv's version, but this is still great!

@Holly Something (8.5) Inspired the megabop Booty Luv version so deserves to do well for that reason alone.

@godspeed (9) "I have never listened to Southern Hummingbird in full but hearing this song makes me think I am really missing something! I've mainly heard Tweet sing on urban productions and heavy beats, so this groovy disco-influenced song was quite a surprise and my biggest discovery from this rate. And I have to praise the fact that the disco influence here is so well handled because "Boogie 2Nite" still feels very cohesive with the other hip hop-infused songs I know from Tweet's debut album."

@berserkboi (9.8) Not quite the Booty Luv level but very strong!

@Music Is Life (10) LOVE THIS. That lite-funky guitar is everything.

The song, since there's no video:

Legends only:
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Million Dollar Girl (Trina feat. Diddy & Keri Hilson)
Keri Hilson 7/9

10 @ssa me @Bslg17 @Ana Raquel @vague @RUNAWAY | 9.6 @berserkboi @Untouchable Ace
5 @Riiiiiiiii | 6 @elektroxx @Phonetics Boy

5: #40 (7.6)
10: #20 (8.76)
15: #24 (8.364)
20: #28 (8.105)
25: #28 (8.004)
30: #30 (7.953)
35: #29 (8.02)
All: #32 (7.992)

Million Dollar Girl was released in January 2010 (as a matter of fact it'll be exactly ten years old in eight days) as the second single from Trina's fifth album Amazin'. Fun fact: said album includes a song co-written by Lady Gaga, Let Dem Hoes Fight. Million Dollar Girl was one of the very first songs created by The Monsters & The Strangerz, a songwriting/production team that went on to work with everyone from Zara Larrson to P!nk and is responsible for recent hits such as Zedd's The Middle or Ellie Goulding's Hate Me, with CP Hollywood & KParn (whoever they are) also having a production credit. Million Dollar Girl was a moderate hit in the US, charting at #61 in the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles chart, and was also successful in some European countries, most notably #10 in Denmark.

Million Dollar Girl is a huge bop with iconic lyrics and has always been a favourite of mine, and I have to say I never expected it to do as well as it did here. It never left the top 30 until the last couple of ballots, and is the second song eliminated so far to have been in the top 20 at one point (the other was Ashanti's Rock With U). It's also one of the few songs in the rate not to receive any negative scores, and it only got six scores below 7, which is very impressive. Who knows, maybe Diddy wasn't on it, it would have won the rate.

Dime store cowgirls:
@godspeed (6.5) "This sounds a bit dated but I think we need a Hip Hop Bop Queens rate and Trina needs to be included in it." (Loving that concept!)

@Rei Ayanami (7) It’s too bad this song wasn’t bigger. It knocks, and the chorus is pretty. I’ve always liked Trina’s flow.

@Verandi (7) nn this took the place of much better Keri songs in this rate. A cute pop, but calling it faceless would be overselling it.

Million dollar girls:
@livefrommelbs (8) The video for this one had me chuckling. Keri was giving me 'drunk Aunt hijacks the mic at a family karaoke night' and I was living for it. That said, the track's a bop.

@londonrain (9) Easily the better Trina song in the rate, carried in large part by Keri’s performance. The chorus is so repetitive but WHAT a bop.

@Holly Something (9) What a bop.

@Music Is Life (9.5) Love the production and the chorus on this.

@berserkboi (9.6) This is very good, but Trina ends up being the standout….

@ssa (10) This sounds like a couple of Christina Milian demos. And I’ve ALWAYS loved it. (Milian Dollar Girl <3)

@RUNAWAY (10) not queen Trina making TWO appearances in this rate! When will your faves? This song remains a BOP…….Keri really did that huh? I’ve never admitted this before, but I really LOVE Keri’s voice. She’s got such a unique, smooth tone and she’s a really underrated vocalist.

The video:

Legends only: