But Dip It Low isn't below a 10 though?

I do like it, but I never quite loved it. Something about it just doesn't quite click with me for some reason.

It applies to being a bop moreso than some other submissions though.



Caught Out There
Kelis 4/9

10 @elektroxx @berserkboi @GimmeWork @KingBruno @Phonetics Boy @lalaclairi_ @Sprockrooster @Robsolete @godspeed @Holly Something | 9.5 @Fuchsia
2 @Empty Shoebox | 4.5 @slaybellz | 5 @Bslg17 @londonrain
My score: 9

5: #25 (8.2)
10: #34 (8.325)
15: #23 (8.446)
20: #21 (8.613)
25: #25 (8.23)
30: #24 (8.3)
35: #24 (8.317)
All: #24 (8.314)

Caught Out There was Kelis's debut single, released in September 1999 in the US and January 2000 in Europe, making it the oldest song in the rate. It was written and produced by The Neptunes, who were also involved in the writing and production process of nearly the entirety of Kelis's first two albums. Caught Out There was a big hit for Kelis, charting at #54 in the US but going #4 and being certified Silver in the UK and also being a top 10/20 hit all over Europe and in Canada. The song was considered the 161st best song of the 90s by Pitchfork, who described it as "Soundtracking this post-breakup mania is a top-rate, ahead-of-its-time Neptunes production, with snapping keyboards accompanied by high-pitched tones that sound like dynamite exploding in space. In a word: Damn." and also as the #24th best song of the 90s by NME. An interesting detail is that, according to Pharell, Caught Out There was originally meant for Busta Rhymes, who rejected it. Let's be thankful for that.

I think Caught Out There is a great, unique song, but at the same it's not exactly one I often feel the need to listen to. It's also another song that almost broke into the top 20 at one point but never quite managed it, and it's another case where I'd say its final placement is quite fair. Understandably, it's a fairly divisive song, and y'all plenty to say about it in the commentary.

I hate it so much right now:
@slaybellz (4.5) There are some good moments in here but it's mostly terrible. It was honestly hard to get through.

@livefrommelbs (5.5) I know this is a classic, but I just can't get behind the chorus. Wish I could, because I feel like I could bring this one's average down

I like it so much right now:
@Verandi Caught (8) YO YO YOYOYO damn YO

@Untouchable Ace (8.6) Timeless anger in melodic form.

I love it so much right now:
@Rei Ayanami (9) A great debut single. Kinda sums up the artist she was then.

@Music Is Life (9.25) I really enjoy the production and the lyrics, and the spoken bits are great. I’ve heard the “I hate you so much right now,” somewhere before.

@berserkboi (10) A man-hating bop for the ages!

@KingBruno (10) The Neptunes’ clumsy, electronic bleep-production was brand new in the game when “Caught Out There” saw release. Over the years, their production technique has proven to be a popular template amongst the R&B scene and “Caught Out There” has officially become ahead of its time. Yet, the fiery lyrics and chorus could well be the most memorable characteristics of the song.

@lalaclairi_ (10) The "I hate you so much right now" parts are genius.

@Sprockrooster (10) The first girl to have screamed on the track.

@godspeed (10) "I only found out about this song when, back in high school, I decided to download Kelis' greatest hits compilation to get more familiar with her music. I only knew a couple of her very popular songs but that was it. "Caught Out There" was the first track on the compilation and, for lack of better phrasing, it really caught me off guard. The production on "Caught Out There" is a perfect mix between the R&B and the pop music of the late 90s, but at the same time it doesn't sound like anything else from that time. And of course, there's the screaming. 'I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!' A legendary moment. "Caught Out There" was as instant favorite for me as soon as I first heard it and I still think it's as euphoric and liberating as ever to sing scream along Kelis on the chorus."

@Holly Something (10) A classic.

The video:

Legends only:


Amerie 2/9

10 @ssa me @Ana Raquel @GimmeWork @londonrain @lalaclairi_ @Sprockrooster @Verandi @Music Is Life @Conan @Holly Something @Cutlery | 9.7 @berserkboi
4 @CasuallyCrazed @Aester | 5 @Rei Ayanami @abael

5: #25 (8.2)
10: #21 (8.76)
15: #17 (8.8)
20: #22 (8.61)
25: #20 (8.468)
30: #25 (8.24)
35: #23 (8.326)
All: #23 (8.328)

Touch was released in June 2005 as the second single from Amerie's sophomore album of the same name. It was written by Amerie, Lil Jon, Sean Garrett, LRoc, Craig Love, and LaMarquis Jefferson and produced by Lil Jon, AKA the King of Crunk, which explains the song's Crunk sound, even though, and I'm going by the multiple commetaries on the matter, that sound was somewhat tired by 2005. Despite following 1 Thing, which was a huge hit, Touch completely missed the Billboard Hot 100, and only charted at #92 in the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, though it did alright internationally, peaking at #19 in the UK and #33 in Australia. Wonder what happened there?

Touch is a huge banger and definitely something fresh for Amerie. I wonder if it was its underperformance that resulted in Amerie sticking to the 1 Thing sound so much going forward? I guess we'll never know. Touch could easily have made the top 20. It did manage at point but ultimately the handful of 4-5 scores it got prevented it from staying inside it. Y'all had a lot to say about this one.

Afraid to touch:
@Rei Ayanami (5) This sound was late even by the time this song came out.

@KingBruno (6.5) Sexy and catchy, but Lil Jon’s brand of crunk was already a bit tiresome at that stage in time.

@Daniel_O (7.5) Like a lot of her songs in this rate, it just really reminded me the style that Beyonce had in B'day, just not as good and way more messy.

@slaybellz (7.5) The production on this song reminds me of like a bunch of songs mixed together. (I love this song.gif)

@Remorque (7.5) Though I have always liked this one, I was however initially a bit disappointed when she followed up 1 Thing by this Lil Jon production. She gives us a great performance, but it's definitely lacking in certain areas. I do love that synthy outro though!

Not afraid to touch:
@godspeed (8) "With a title like this, I know I should have expected a sexual song lyric-wise but I didn't think it would be THAT explicit! Production-wise, this feels "very 2005." That kind of production has been done more than a couple of times but I still seem to enjoy it and Amerie sells it very well. It's nice to hear a bit more versatility from her since she tended to try to repeat the same formula as "1 Thing" a bit too often."

@livefrommelbs (9) I'd forgotten how good this was. What a bop.

@RUNAWAY (9) wish she had more songs that copied this song, instead of trying to recreate 1 Thing. (I'm going to have to agree)

@berserkboi (9.7) An earworm and a half! Who knew this would age better than 1 Thing?

@londonrain (10) Such an underrated follow-up. I wish less of the chorus was spoken but otherwise I’m completely here for it.

@lalaclairi_ (10) "Touch" screams early 2000s but it's still an amazing listen.

@Sprockrooster (10) A bit of a kii concerning the lyrics, but damn this sultry vocals can sing anything.

@Verandi (10) WHAT A BANGER. Crunk didn't last long but whew we got a few bangers in the process. I just… don't understand how this bombed, it has top5 written all over it considering when it was released.

@Music Is Life (10) Ooooo I fucking love the production on this. Queen is gonna make me dance my ass off. Love her voice too, and the melodies are so catchy.

@Holly Something (10) I was so sad that this didn't become the mega hit that 1 Thing became.

The video:

Legends only:
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Damn, I initially said that we'd be losing "Touch" before the Top 20, but then switched it out for "Caught Out There."

It is interesting to see that people have said that they felt that crunk felt tired by 2005 when the genre only hit its peak in 2004, in my opinion. However, I do feel like "Touch" hasn't aged as well as some of Amerie's other material, despite it being a massive bop.
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