Acts we could have rated #2



Much like Estelle, Jamelia would have been a great British representative in this rate. While she, sadly, hasn't released anything since 2007, her relatively short career produced three quality albums featuring a string of fantastic singles (many of which are huge bops). Although, unlike pretty much every other act featured in the rate, she made no impact in the US at all, she was pretty huge in the UK and Europe during the first half of the 00s, with seven UK top 10 hits between 2000 and 2006. A comeback was teased a couple of years ago, but unfortunately nothing ended up actually being released. Maybe one day.

Songs we could have rated:

The biggest song from her debut album, Drama, released in 2000. An epic bop:

Released in 2003, her biggest hit and a total 00s classic:

Another classic from her second album, Thank You:

A PopJustice £20 Music Prize winning banger from 2006:

A perfect midtempo and the final single from Jamelia's third album Walk With Me and the last song she ever released. Released in 2007, and sadly, aptly titled:
All of the Michelle bops would come from the same album ddd. LeToya has a couple too, as does Solange before becoming a hipster nn.

I meant Nicole Scherzinger, not Michelle ddd

I'd add Aaliyah but her albums are a decade older than all the other gurls.

Edit: and Kat Deluna! America's very own Cascada.

Aaliyah's debut was a long time before any of the acts in the rate, not to mention being pretty huge, so she doesn't really fit.

As for Kat DeLuna, most of her most well known songs aren't really R&B, are they?
Jamelia is insanely underrated. Anyone not familiar with her music (@Music Is Life) should really check out her albums, and of course everyone should take in part in @HollyDunnSomething's upcoming discography rate. She really deserved to have a much longer career, not just disappear like that.

Here are another five highlights, because she literally doesn't have one bad single:

Welp since there's a rate coming I'll definitely take part. If I have time to check out her music beforehand, I will.