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We only stan multi-talented queens in this house.
Cassie found looking for even one talent.



Ride (feat. Ludacris)
Ciara 7/9

10 @elektroxx @Tchelitchew me @vague @GimmeWork @KingBruno @lalaclairi_ @Riiiiiiiii @tylerc904 @RUNAWAY @Verandi @godspeed @Music Is Life @Aester @slaybellz @Remorque | 9.5 @berserkboi @Fuchsia @Conan
4 @Empty Shoebox | 5 @Rei Ayanami @londonrain

5: #40 (7.6)
10: #30 (8.4)
15: #27 (8.286)
20: #23 (8.538)
25: #18 (8.53)
30: #18 (8.625)
35: #17 (8.667)
All: #18 (8.618)

Ride was released in April 2010 as the lead single from Ciara's fourth album Basic Instinct. It was written by Ciara, Ludacris, Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, and produced by the latter two. Ride was Ciara's third collaboration with Ludacris, the first being her third single Oh (featured in part 2 of the rate) and the second being High Price from her third album Fantasy Ride. Ride (and its parent album) marked a return for Ciara to a more R&B sound compared to the the poppier Fantasy Ride. It was a big hit in the the US, not charting terribly high (#42), but getting a Platinum certification, and was a moderate success in Europe/Australia, doing especially well in Belgium where it peaked at #10. There's also a remix of the song featuring Andre 3000 and Maejor.

#18!? Y'all are so wrong for that. Ride almost got my 11, and it definitely deserved a spot in the top 10. That immaculate production, the iconic lyrics, Ciara completely selling it, Ludacris providing possibly the best feature in the rate, and that iconic banned in some channels for being too sexual video with Ciara serving looks and moves throughout (the black swimsuit + fur coat is my absolute favourite Ciara look)... truly a full package, we can't help but to stan. As you can see in the trajectory, Ride had a rough start in the rate, but thanks in no small part to the sixteen 10s it received (the second most out of the songs eliminated so far), it managed to climb its way into the top 20. And you know why? Because talent always wins.

@Rei Ayanami (5) It’s easier to listen to now, but when this song came out, so I was um, taken aback by some of the lyrics—and especially the video. I was much younger then, don’t judge me.

@livefrommelbs (7) Poor Basic Instinct. This is proof that it never quite reached the highs of Fantasy Ride, The Evolution and Goodies.

Ride it like a rollercoaster:
@berserkboi (9.5) The Ciara parts are excellent! The Ludacris parts, not so much…

@KingBruno (10) Tricky Stewart and The-Dream put her back on track with this bump-and-grind type of song, which assuredly complements her style. It’s one hell of a club anthem.

@lalaclairi_ (10) Easily the best thing to come from Basic Instinct.

@RUNAWAY (10) Basic Instinct is still such a great album, and this song is SO PERFECT.

@Verandi (10) I remember not really feeling this when it got released but damn, it aged like fine wine. And what a video girls, what a video.

@godspeed (10) "Probably my favorite Ciara song! "Speechless" and "Body Party" are serious contenders but this one is special, it sounds so ahead of its time. Basic Instinct was a bit hit-or-miss (Ciara's albums usually are) but when she nails this urban sound, she really nails it. What amazes me about "Ride" is that it doesn't sound at all like a song that was released in 2010. Everything about this song is exactly what was all the rage around 2012 and 2013, this makes think of the more urban songs on Rihanna's Unapologetic. Ciara, the undeniable trendsetter."

@Music Is Life (10) This is a song I know. I used to not like it that much as a kid, but it’s a total bop now. I feel kinda nostalgic listening to this though. My sister and my cousin would play this all the time. I love the melody on the verses, and the chorus is obviously really catchy. Luda’s verses is kinda fire too. Glad that I love this now that I’m hearing it again for the first time in years.

@slaybellz (10) The ultimate lapdance song.

The video:

Legends only:
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I wouldn't have minded seeing Dance Like We're Making Love out instead of the last handful of eliminations, but at the same time it is nice to have a more recent song in the top 20.
I do agree that it is nice to have a more recent song in the Top 20, but at the same time, I feel like a lot of the artists' more recent material simply isn't on par with their older material. I don't know if there's been an actual slip in quality or if their older material just has a level of nostalgia that their newer material lacks.
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