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R&B BOP QUEENS RATE | Part 2 #24 #23 #22

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Are we now tossing all male rap features?! Guess Ciara is bound to lose some now. Thank God for Missy on some of those. I am not the biggest fan of Milian, but even I can see this is cut to soon?
  2. Ashanti's last three songs are all Top 10 material so none of this makes any sense.
  3. I am still stunned by What’s Luv and Happy not being in anymore.
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  4. I thought "Say I" was universally loved, but I'm not in deep despair seeing it go honestly.
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  5. If "Say I" is the only one that I got correct, I will cry. It's the one that I wanted to leave least. That and "Is It You."
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  6. Say I not even in the top 40?!

  7. I liked Say I enough when it came out, but I don't really care about it being gone.
  8. Next elimination is halfway done, but I'm just too sleepy to finish it now so I'll post it during the day. Hint: it's a song with a male guest feature.
  9. Could Kelis be losing either "Bossy" or "Blindfold Me"? Or is Keri losing "Return The Favor"? I don't see it being Ciara, but I could be wrong.
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  10. It could be Lose Control.
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  11. I assumed that "Lose Control" was quite well-liked by the majority.
  12. #42


    Blindfold Me (feat. Nas)
    Kelis 8/9

    10 me @GimmeWork @Riiiiiiiii @Verandi @abael @Conan | 9.8 @berserkboi
    2.75 @CasuallyCrazed | 4 @Empty Shoebox | 5 @londonrain

    5: #53 (7.3)
    10: #35 (8.28)
    15: #37 (7.914)
    20: #36 (7.903)
    25: #35 (7.762)
    30: #34 (7.893)
    35: #44 (7.84)
    All: #42 (7.843)

    Blindfold Me was released in October 2006 as the second single from Kelis's fourth album Kelis Was Here. It was written by Sean Garrett, Polow da Pon and Nas (Kelis's husband at the time), and produced by Sean Garret and Polow da Pon. The song was only released as a single in the US, as in other territories Lil' Star took its place (the downgrade...). Blindfold Me wasn't particularly successful, charting at #91 in the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. Comparatively, Lil' Star was actually a lot more successful, charting at #3 in the UK.

    Blindfold Me is a huge banger and it being Kelis's second song to be eliminated is jsut not right. It's easily one of my top 5 Kelis songs in general, not just out of the ones in the rate. Now Kelis and Nas relationship was rough and their split wasn't amicable at all (and this is putting it mildly), so it's not surprising some people docked a few points due to his involvement.

    Blindfolds off:
    @Untouchable Ace (5.6) "When I'm driving in my car Or I'm standing at the bar It don't matter where I are They say hey sexy"

    @Rei Ayanami (6) Given all that’s happened between them, it’s kind of hard to listen to now. Without all the drama, it’s still an average song anyway.

    @KingBruno (6) She’s trying way too hard to recapture the sound of her peak era. This is too hollow and forgettable.

    @Holly Something (6) It's no 'In Public' is it? (No, it's better)

    (Kelis Was) Here for it:
    @livrefrommelbs (7.5) I hadn't heard this one before! Not bad, not bad at all.

    @godspeed (8) "Kelis and Nas worked together a couple of times and I personally think they nailed it every damn time. I know this is gonna a super unpopular opinion, but I consider them a power couple just the same way I consider Beyoncé and JAY-Z a power couple. There was and still is a lot of drama between them, but whenever they'd work together, the magic would just operate. "Blindfold Me" might be my least favorite Nas and Kelis collaboration but it's still excellent. I absolutely love Nas' verse on this track and please don't drag me for it, I know how things are between them now and in retrospective this song makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but their artistic chemistry was and still is undeniable. Two of the finest artists of their generation."

    @Sprockrooster (9.5) A massive beat and Kelis can work it without being pushed to the background.

    @Music Is Life (9.75) Those sirens! Yesss queen! I love her lower range, her vocals are immaculate. That chorus though…whew is it hot in here? I even bopped to Nas’s verse.

    @berserkboi (9.8) Quite awesome actually!

    @Verandi (10) Polow was on fire in the late '00s. What a banger.

    The video:

    Legends only:
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  13. And with that, despite being untouchable until the top 45, Kelis now has less songs left than Keri, who lost her first back at #62.
  14. [​IMG]

    Blindfold Me being the second Kelis song to go, though... a choice.
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  15. Especially when "Jerk Ribs" is right there.

    However, when @soratami said that a male feature was leaving next, "Blindfold Me" seemed like the logical answer.
  16. Blindfold me is the only good single from Kelis Was Here, sorry for the tea.
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  17. What do y'all think will be the last song to miss the top 40? Based on what I said before, it's not Christina, Kelis, or Tweet.
  18. Not when Bossy is one of her absolute best precious.
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  19. "Scream" can go. Or "Million Dollar Girl."
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