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R&B BOP QUEENS RATE | Part 2 #28

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by soratami, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. I... had never listened to this before the rate and I thought it was one of those songs that people just hope to see go first. Sorry y'all. Should have given a couple of points.
  2. What?! Y'all, I'm out. I can't with y'all. This was easily Top 10 material.
  3. I forgot to mention it in the elimination post, but the Timo Maas remix was actually kind of successful in the US, it hit #15 in the Dance Club Songs chart (well, that chart actually reflecting any kind of real success is questionable, but it's better than nothing).
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  4. Okay, What's Luv? leaving us before the top 40 is the biggest shock of the rate for me. I have never checked for Fat Joe before or after this song but the pairing of him and Ashanti on this song was an excellent idea.

    this is an absolute kii. Thanks for that, @RUNAWAY.
  5. Okay, but...

    Good Good getting eliminated?

    What's Luv? getting eliminated?
  6. Faak Me Dead!! What’s Luv out already?? Ashanti down to 3 songs?? This rate is a disease!!

    (Doing amazing still @soratami!)
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  7. @ohnostalgia’s Winners’ Rate, ha never ending impact.
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  8. Yeah, Ashanti joins Tweet in the "3 songs left" club. The good news is the next few eliminations are going to be very varied and no-one will be getting culled. Six acts will be losing one song each in the next six eliminations, any guesses?
  9. Please tell me this means we are finally losing Screech? Ddddd
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  10. I heard What's Luv when I was in Manchester last time, and it was still just as much of a bop as it was back then.

    Shocking that it's out so early.
  11. I can't believe it's out this early!
  12. My predictions are "Scream," "Jerk Ribs," "Call Me," "Is It You," "Say I" and "Million Dollar Girl."
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  13. What's Luv? out at #44??? I literally cannot deal with you uncultured swines.
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  14. That song is the DEFINITION of a genuine classic. It’s fallen WAY too soon.
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  15. Voters being allergic to a male voice-shocker
  16. You got at least one right

    It can't be Scream and Million Dollar Girl though, since they're both Keri songs.
  17. Oops, my mistake.
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  18. #43


    Say I (feat. Young Jeezy)
    Christina Milian 4/9

    10 @Phonetics Boy @lalaclairi_ @Robsolete @Remorque | 9.5 @Sprockrooster @Conan
    2.5 @CasuallyCrazed | 4 @Hurricane Drunk | 5 @Rei Ayanami @Riiiiiiiii
    My score: 8

    5: #38 (7.7)
    10: #45 (8.07)
    15: #31 (8.014)
    20: #45 (7.66)
    25: #43 (7.588)
    30: #40 (7.723)
    35: #41 (7.866)
    All: #43 (7.826)

    Say I was released in March 2016 as the lead single from Christina Milian's third album So Amazin'. It was R&B legend Jazmine Sullivan's very first writing credit, and was also written and produced by Cool & Dre (a production team who first worked on Fat Joe's J.O.S.E. album, which featured in the last elimination). It samples 70s/80s R&B singer Jackie Moore's song Clean Up Your Own Yard. Say I became one of Christina's biggest hits in the US, charting at #21, and was also successful in Europe, charting at #4 in the UK (Christina was generally a lot more popular in the UK than in the US), and top 40 in multiple European countries. Unfortunately, despite the single doing well and its parent album doing decently (it charted at #11 in the US), Christina was dropped from her label, Def Jam, the week after the album came out . According to Christina, this was a budget cut by the label so more money could be spent on label mate Rihanna.

    Say I is nice enough (the best part is probably the sample), but it could have left a while back, I definitely don't consider it Christina's fourth best song here, it doesn't pop as much as I Gotta Get to You or have the same impact as Us Against the World or Liar.

    Nice enough:
    @Rei Ayanami (5) Bless God for orchestrating SOS ending up with Rihanna.

    @livefrommelbs (7.5) This one doesn't quite reach the highs of her other amazing tracks, but it still sounds pretty fresh!

    So amazin':
    @ssa (8) I was admittedly a bit underwhelmed when this first came out. But I like it more now than I did upon release. Solid video, she looks stunning. Y’all need to repent for not having included Whatever U Want in the rate.

    @godspeed (8) "This is one of my favorite songs by Christina Milian because I just love that type of R&B jams with a dramatic string sample that sounds a bit retro. I've always loved Young Jeezy's voice, so there's also that and I think his verse here is one of the best things about the song."

    @berserkboi (8.7) Boppy but not my thing as much as her other stuff!

    @Verandi (9) AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAah AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAah

    @Music Is Life (9) I weirdly recognize this. Not sure why. It’s a fun bop though. I really like the melody especially on the pre-chorus.

    @Holly Something (9) This album is so underrated.

    @lalaclairi_ (10) Queen of high quality collaborations.

    @Remorque (10) Okay, but this slaps so fucking hard.

    The video:

    Speaking of Rihanna and Young Jeezy:
  19. Not this classic before top 40!? The overration of some of these girls...I can't.
  20. At least you know Christina is safe for the next 5 eliminations!

    Ashanti, Christina and Tweet are down to three songs each now. Who will be the first to be down to two? (Granted, it won't necessarily be one of them).
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