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R.I.P. George Michael

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. What was the first song that made you love Georgio?!

    I'd gone vinyl shopping in Blackpool on a family holiday and I bought Too Funky (along with 'Erotica' & 'In The Closet')... And that's when I became a homosexual.

    Older was his first album I bought. 'Fastlove' & 'Spinning The Wheel' were my obsession. The whole album is amazing. (I didn't appreciate it at the time but Jesus... is stunning)
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  2. I have very vague memories of a few of the later Wham! singles but I really started to take notice around 1990 and especially Heal The Pain, Freedom 90 and the sound of Listen Without Prejudice.

    His voice was just so pure and I loved the mix of upbeat and ballads.
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  3. Father Figure. Still one of my all time favourite songs.
  4. It was the first song I played after hearing he'd passed away.
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  5. Older is my most favorite album of his and I hope there's a 25th anniversary rerelease in 2021.
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  6. "Precious Box" is such a profound meditation on celebrity, isolation and mass media. Absolutely incredible song.
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  7. Careless Whisper. I was obsessed with that song. I remember the week it was number one sitting in the back of my dads Ford Cortina. I think I was about eight. I yelled to "turn it up" every time it came on. I remember hearing Wake Me Up and Club Tropicana but Carless really made my ears prick up. Everything She Wants sealed the deal...and it was done.
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  8. Careless Whisper and Last Christmas were THE hits of 1984 / 1985 in Greece. A Wham!osexual was born.
  9. When I was 7, I remember going to my cousin’s while visiting England and she and my sister were playing the Bad Boys single! I was obsessed with the rap...Then I went to another cousin’s in Scotland and she had the Fantastic LP and the Wham Rap 12”. I feel like George Michael was a part of my entire pop musical awareness. That said, it wasn’t until Listen Without Prejudice came out that I truly became a fan. That album was so monumental, and as a 15 year-old I was mesmerized by his talent and the sound of his voice.
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  10. My parents sent me to drawing classes summer of 1986 and of course I met some girls there same age as me 13 or so, and they were huge Duran Duran fans and back then you had to hate the competition ddd. So Wham! and a-Ha were considered bad. Luckily my cousin stanned those and we'd see Music TV shows together. I swear they'd play Wham! every week.
  11. The first time I heard of George was Jesus To A Child and then Spinning the Wheel was released and I was on board.

    Bought Older and worked my way back through his discography.
  12. I liked all the Wham! stuff from 1983...Bad Boys, Club Tropicana....but it would have been Careless Whisper that made me notice him as an artist in his own right, which is obvious but true. That said, I didn't buy any George/Wham! single until Last Christmas/Everything She Wants 12", and it was Everything She Wants that really made him someone I was a fan of, rather than someone in the charts whose records I happened to enjoy along with lots of others.
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  13. 12 year old me loved early Wham! All silly dance routines and songs about being out late and being naughty. Dee C Lee and Shirley. Saw the Club Fantastic tour in Liverpool in 1983 where George premiered 'Careless Whisper', my second ever concert (can't recall if Dee had jumped ship by then and Pepsi joined or not though).
  14. You probably got the;legendary Pepsi.
  15. Remember when 'Outside' dropped along with that video. What a moment in pop. Bravo George! You fabulous gay man you! Love you & miss you X

    'As' was great too... Such a soul boy.
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  16. Always forget about As- cracking duet.

    I song I’ve been going back to recently is Shoot the Dog- so relevant, and I also love the Geri shade in the video.
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  17. I started getting obsessed this year actually.

    Monkey was the first song I loved. I’m a sucker for that kind of funky 80s dance pop.
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  18. I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me). At last! A pop star Britain could put up against America's Finest and not be embarrassed.
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  19. I remember watching the I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) video with my cousin and she said 'he's brave singing with Aretha, The Voice' and I remember going 'but buttt he more than holds his own?' and a little pop music contrarian was born, right there and then.
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  20. Wow how lovely is Round Here? Gorgeous little revisit.
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