R.I.P. George Michael

Blame @Meathook(...)'s avatar for me suddenly remembering this:

Pavel Novotný (born Jaroslav Jirík; 5 February 1977) is a Czech pornographic film actor and magazine model who has appeared in gay, bisexual and heterosexual films.

Novotný won the 2002 Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards ("Grabbys") Editors Choice Award for Best International Actor for his role in The Jan Dvorak Story (William Higgins Productions).[2][3]

In March 2009 Mr. Jirik was arrested at the Havana airport in Cuba, with a traveling companion named Zdeněk Tovara, reportedly a male prostitute,[4] for, among other things, insulting Cuban leaders Fidel Castro and Raul Castro. Their trial was in November 2009. They faced five years in Cuban prison. Entertainer George Michael supplied legal and financial aid for them until they were released to the Czech Republic in May 2010.[citation needed]


(The 'citation needed' spoils it a bit, but let me believe.)
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Someone over on the SDE site has put together their own 6CD deluxe of Listen Without Prejudice. It's amazing, and has everything you could want. I'd pay 80 quid for that.

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I know people are inspired by George but it always seems like he's overlooked in terms f Influence. I mean Prince and MJ definetly deserve it though
I've loved him for years and thought he was underrated and deserved much more praise than what he received. Whenever I listen to him, his voice melts me. It's gorgeous. Such a tragedy what happened to him. I'll miss him dearly.
Guys, I need help. I grew up with my parents hammering the Ladies & Gents CD and am aware of George's more popular work. But since his death I've been really drawn to him and kicking myself I never did sooner.

Where do I start? Chronologically with Wham! or is there an album such as True Blue/Like A Prayer that raised the artist to the next level? Also I'm captivated by his beauty so live performances/DVD recommendations are welcome as I'm feeling post Glasto, I might have a George weekend.