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R.I.P. Marie Fredriksson - the voice of Roxette

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hudweiser, Dec 10, 2019.

  1. I had no idea about her health all these years...
    I just assumed they were not particularly active.
    The article was devastating to read, the loss is massive.
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  2. Mvnl

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    I just found out and this feels like the first time losing an artist of my time I was truly into, and it hit hard.
    She always seemed lovely, had amazing vocals and overall Roxette did poprock(ballads) so damn well.

    One of the 90s finest.
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  3. Mvnl

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    I now kinda want this to be the christmas number one.
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  4. Mvnl

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    Not sure which one you're playing but I feel this was up there with the best from their heyday.
  5. Marie, like all Swedes, was fucking iconic.

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  6. How strange, I'd just been playing Look Sharp last night after not hearing it for far too long. Their songs often bounce around in my head even when I've not played them in a while, they're so catchy and melodic.

    I've not explored their later discography too deeply, but Look Sharp and Joyride are cracking good albums. R.I.P. Marie, thanks for the music!
  7. Marie Fredriksson was an absolute force of nature and one of the best live performers I've ever seen (summer 1992). Leading a punk band in the 70's, a Swedish folksy-pop singer in the 80's and then of course as one half of one of the best pop acts ever. Strikingly elegant and with a voice that could surface any and every emotion on the spectrum whilst always delivering top drawer pop perfection. Her fight back from a brain tumour in 2002 was a profile in courage, dignity and tenacity. Roxette's last brilliant album in 2016 and last years solo work - all stripped back jazz and lo-fi country-esque balladry - is now a beautiful and sad parting gift from a super talented and much underrated musician. She will be sorely missed. This is 'Anyone' - a song and video so tremendously good it warranted an essay, and some years ago I duly obliged. RiP Marie

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  8. One of my favourite live performances from Marie:
  9. Her voice was just phenomenal. She sold the shit out of everything she sang on. I was just listening to Spending My Time and got chills all over at the key change at the end and her voice soaring higher and higher. No one else could have turned all those songs to absolute magic like she did.
  10. I'm absolutely devastated and can't stop the tears. I don't regularly post, but I feel the need to express how grateful I am to have had Marie in my life - from a very young boy through to my adult self. What a voice! What a legacy! What an undeniable pop music iconic. Rest in peace Marie, you will never be forgotten.

    Btw, for those who may be unfamiliar with Roxette's newer music, check this one out. An absolute banger, kinda sounds a bit like 'Fading Like A Flower':

    "Losing you, thing will never be the same"
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  11. I had them on shuffle this morning as I drove to work, and it was clearly up to date with the news as it threw me a non-stop deluge of their sad ballads - It Must Have Been Love, Fading Like a Flower, Anyone, Spending My Time, Things Will Never Be the Same...

    It was hard going, but then Dangerous and Sleeping in My Car bopped off and made me appreciate the joy to life she brought as well.
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  12. So here's my deep cuts (plus lost singles, plus THAT hit) playlist.
    The melodies. The quality. The emotions.

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  13. Another one of my favourites, her voice is so powerful on this version from 1986:
    So far away
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  14. One of their absolutely best deep cuts for me too.
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  15. United States

    12. It Must Have Been Love
    34. Listen to Your Heart
    39. The Look
    108. Dangerous
    138. Joyride
    158. It Must Have Been Love
    188. Fading Like a Flower
    207. Listen to Your Heart
    361. The Look
    400. Spending My Time
    804. Joyride
    1005. Dangerous
    1011. It Must Have Been Love
    1152. Dressed for Success
    1204. Listen To Your Heart

    iTunes Albums:
    7. Greatest Hits
    60. The 30 Biggest Hits XXX
    192. Look Sharp
    230. The Ballad Hits
    372. Joyride
    813. Good Karma

    Apple Music Albums:
    707. Greatest Hits
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  16. Germany stanning hard!


    4. It Must Have Been Love
    13. Listen to Your Heart
    24. Spending My Time
    39. The Look
    50. Fading Like a Flower
    56. Listen To Your Heart
    68. Listen To Your Heart
    79. Joyride
    84. Milk and Toast and Honey
    88. How Do You Do
    98. Spending My Time
    102. Sleeping In My Car
    111. Things Will Never Be the Same
    114. Dangerous
    117. Crash Boom Bang
    123. Wish I Could Fly
    124. Spending My Time
    129. The Look
    160. Dangerous
    172. Listen to Your Heart
    193. Fading Like a Flower
    210. Queen of Rain
    244. Sleeping In My Car
    245. Fading Like a Flower
    286. The Big L.
    288. You Don't Understand Me
    289. Wish I Could Fly
    290. Queen of Rain
    349. It Must Have Been Love
    352. Milk and Toast and Honey
    353. Dangerous
    354. How Do You Do
    395. She's Got Nothing On
    451. Almost Unreal
    466. Milk and Toast and Honey
    467. Crash Boom Bang
    468. Wish I Could Fly
    469. Run To You
    474. Silver Blue

    Apple Music:
    206. It Must Have Been Love
    245. The Look
    246. Listen to Your Heart

    iTunes Albums:
    1. The 30 Biggest Hits XXX
    3. A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs
    15. The Ballad Hits
    34. Joyride
    60. Look Sharp
    72. Tourism
    128. Charm School
    161. Travelling the World
    168. Don't Bore Us - Get To the Chorus Roxette's Greatest Hits
    224. Travelling
    268. Crash Boom Bang
    280. Pearls of Passion
    285. Have a Nice Day

    Apple Music Albums:
    26. The 30 Biggest Hits XXX
    140. A Collection of Roxette Hits - Their 20 Greatest Songs
    254. Look Sharp
    280. Joyride
    364. Tourism
    406. Good Karma
    461. Travelling the World
  17. Just a little question. Could we change the thread title so that her last name is spelled correctly? It’s supposed to be Fredriksson.
  18. I Wish I Could Fly..... what a beautiful song
  19. 100% agree, absolutely stunning.

    RIP Marie.
  20. Brought a tear to my eye listening to this tonight.
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