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R.I.P. Vanity (Vanity 6/Prince collaborator)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by little ern, Feb 16, 2016.

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  2. FUCK!

    Last night, mainly because of @TRAVVV's avatar I was on an online Vanity / Apollonia 6 binge and now this.

  3. She was over-the-top both as Vanity and Denise - the born-again Christian, but that's OK. With Prince she brought something new to the 80s, even if it was the blander Appolonia who brought it to the masses.

    Her pledge page has six comments before she died, and sixty in the few hours after it was announced:

    Which feels a bit cruel, if not unnatural.

    Like Vasilios I heard some of her music just a few days ago, so she was on my mind when she passed away.
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  4. I always thought she had a much bigger presence on screen than on record. What a beauty, she had a bit of Gia Carangi thing going on, even right down to the self-destructive nature. It's a shame she left the business early on, but I guess it was good for her own sake to change her life the way she did, or else she probably would've OD'ed a long time ago.
  5. I listen to Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, Sheila E, Jill Jones, etc. most weeks. My current workout mix has a Prince tribute section, so I was literally listening to "her" as she was dying.... shocked.


    I've contacted BBR and FTG several times over the years about re-releasing her Motown solo LPs on CD for the first time. Maybe now they'll go for it... RIP Nasty Girl.

    EDIT: Prince pays tribute...

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  6. I was too young when Nasty Girl came out and by the time I became a Prince fan, Apollonia had taken over the role in Purple Rain.

    But I am glad I got to enjoy Vanity in movies like Terror Train (a Canadian horror classic), The Last Dragon, Action Jackson and 52 Pick-Up. She was an absolutely stunning woman.
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  7. Very sad, especially after she turned her life around. And so young! I've only gotten turned on to Vanity/Apollonia 6 in the last few months (thanks to a brilliant Nasty Girl cover by Leah Labelle)
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  8. Only just heard about this. What the fuck?! So sad, and such a surprise. She was very young.
  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Just read about it too! So sad, 57 is so young.

    'Nasty Girl' will always be a bop for the ages, and 'Slave 4 U' probably wouldn't exist without it!
  10. The Australian music video show rage are having a mini 'Vault' segment dedicated to her (playing Vanity 6/Vanity videos), as they do sometimes when a recording artist dies, this coming Saturday morning.
  11. OMG - so sad to hear this news. There's been so many artists from the world of music that have sadly passed away already in 2016.

    R.I.P Denise Katrina Matthews (Vanity)
  12. Nice tribute airing for her (and some other Prince stuff, as he's touring here) in Oz this weekend:


    PRINCE The One (BMG)
    PRINCE Girls and Boys (Warner)
    PRINCE Gold (Warner)
    PRINCE I Would Die 4 U (Warner)
    PRINCE Breakfast Can Wait (Varrasso PR)
    PRINCE Mountains (Warner)


    SHEILA E and PRINCE A Love Bizarre (Warner)
    SHEILA E The Belle Of St. Mark (Warner Bros Records)
    MORRIS DAY The Oak Tree (Warner Bros Records)
    MORRIS DAY and THE TIME Jungle Love (Warner)
    ANDRE CYMONE The Dance Electric ()
    WENDY and LISA Honeymoon Express ()
    SHEENA EASTON Sugar Walls (EMI)
    PRINCE U Got The Look (Warner)


    SHEILA E Glamorous Life (Warner)
    SHEILA E Sister Fate (Warner Bros Records)
    APOLLONIA Since I Fell For You (Warner Bros Records)
    APOLLONIA 6 Sex Shooter (Warner)
    CHAKA KHAN I Feel For You (Warner)
    MARTIKA Love...Thy Will Be Done (Sony)


    SINEAD O'CONNOR Nothing Compares 2 U (EMI)
    VANITY Under The Influence (Motown)
    VANITY 6 He's So Dull (Warner Bros Records)
    VANITY Pretty Mess (BMG)
    VANITY 6 Nasty Girl (Warner Bros Records)
  13. "Under the Influence" is an amazing song. I'd actually say it's better than "Nasty Girl", if not nearly as iconic. Vanity's albums had a campy and almost decadent vibe. I loved her 80s persona!
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  14. From rage this morning. Unfortunately 'He's So Dull' fades out about 20 seconds early, but unlike other uploads I saw on youtube, it's not plastered with watermarks:

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  15. Love the Under The Influence video!

    She really was one of the most sexually explicit women of the 80s.
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  16. Finally got my hands on a NM copy of Vanity 6 - what a bopsterpiece!
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  17. Sorry for bumping this but does anyone here have any of her book's editions and knows if scans/fan digital version/something is available or any reasonably priced copies are up for sale anywhere?
  18. If anyone's interested:

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  19. What a double feature...both fun movies, especially The Last Dragon!!
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