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r2.0: The Charli XCX Discography Rate 2021-22: FINAL WEEK! #5

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Petty Mayonnaise, Jan 25, 2021.


What is your favorite Charli XCX project?

  1. Heartbreaks and Earthquakes

    0 vote(s)
  2. Super Ultra

    1 vote(s)
  3. True Romance

    20 vote(s)
  4. Sucker

    4 vote(s)
  5. Vroom Vroom EP

    3 vote(s)
  6. Number 1 Angel

    16 vote(s)
  7. Pop 2

    39 vote(s)
  8. Charli

    7 vote(s)
  9. How I'm Feeling Now

    21 vote(s)
  10. XCX World

    1 vote(s)
  1. 2014

    2014 Staff Member



    i finally understand

    Highest scores = 11 x 1 @eatyourself & 10 x 11 @allyshone @clowezra @Crisp X @ctrclub @digitalkaiser @evilsin @KingBruno @No hay banda @Rogue @sexercise @tea
    Lowest scores = 5 x 3 @Laurence @LukePreston @R27

    how I'm feeling now is feeling a knock as it loses another track, this time in the form of i finally understand. Receiving an 11, it was released in May 2020 as the 3rd single from her lockdown album and for me immediately stood out a lot more than the previous singles from the project; I love the garage-y beat and it's pretty simple, yet has a subtle addictive quality to it. I also adore the melodrama of the cover art, Charli being so in control works wonders for her and this album will always be such a huge triumph just for Charli being able let everyone in, giving her fans something to stay hopeful for in the midst of a pandemic.

    The track was produced by Palmistry as well as A.G. Cook and is about how her partner has her back through recent, new-found struggles. Another song that really a lot of people all over the world could connect to, again showing Charli's knack at writing. I think while it was a given her latest project would fare well considering 'recency bias' or whatever, how I'm feeling now is just a strong album, and I'm sad i finally understand is an early casualty from it, but the competition is so strong now!!

  2. I guess some people still aren't able to understand.

    Last edited: Nov 30, 2021
  3. What an absolute banger! One of my favourite Charli songs. Does anyone else hear Party At a Rich Dude's House's melody in the production?
  4. It's coming down to the nitty gritty here, but "i finally understand" has been a massive grower since I turned my votes in. Wish I'd have given it a 10 since it's the perfect lil' rush.
  5. 2014

    2014 Staff Member


    Watchu want....


    I Got It (with Brooke Candy, CupcakKE and Pabllo Vitar)

    Highest scores = 10 x 23 @Andy French @ctrclub @Dijah. @DinahLee @eatyourself @fatyoshi @Heartthrob @Jwentz @KingBruno @Los Ageless @Luck @MmmDani @Mr Blonde @nikkysan @No hay banda @OspreyQueen @Remorque @Rogue @RUNAWAY @sesita @sexercise @supercut @superultra
    Lowest scores = 4 x 3 @ohnostalgia @Phonetics Girl @Reboot

    Whew @ the range of scores this one got!! Taken from Pop 2, it's another chosen family affair, with all 3 features contributing on other tracks elsewhere in Charli's discography. The song itself is....a bit rubbish for me (I still gave it a 5.5), but I can't deny that 'I got it I got it I got it' etc. is an ear worm - their minds!

    Teased in Charli's trailer for Pop 2, it definitely got a lot of love on its release and I was surprised to only see it here in our rankings, but the people have spoken! CupcakKe easily steals the whole thing, Brooke and Pabllo are fine but the song is a little messy and its not really the Charli I tend to go to...

    umru has a production credit here, whilst Jesse St John Geller has a writing credit - he's worked with the likes of Britney, Lizzo and LPX. There's definitely strong pedigree there for a potential killer track, but I Got It just hasn't got it personally. Hopefully you're all preparing yourselves as the exits are just going to get more gaggy!!

  6. I love the Pabllo Vitar and CupcakKE parts. Don't love the Brooke Candy part.
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  7. CupcakKe's verse alone is worth a 9!
  8. This rate is so weird.
  9. "Zero bucks in your account. You broke." is one of my favorite quotes from that endlessly quotable bop. Y'all did "I Got It" dirty.
  10. R27


    An acceptable elimination at this point (if you ignore the fact that Girls Night Get Out is still in). CupcakKe fucking ate on this one; "So many offers on the table / A bitch gotta eat on the couch" kills me every time.
  11. She is honestly a fucking genius.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member



    You're The One

    Highest scores = 10 x 17 @allyshone @Ana Raquel @Andy French @askew @Dijah. @eatyourself @Jwentz @klow @Luck @Mr Blonde @Music Is Death @Phonetics Girl @Remorque @RUNAWAY @sfmartin @supercut @superultra
    Lowest scores = 4 x 1 @Elysium 5 x 1 @finito

    Ugh. It's been a while but True Romance faces another elimination now, and it's early single You're The One that has to go. I'm shook! This is an amazing song and though I only gave it a 9, it is Charli at her best for me, and one of the main easy highlights from Charli's debut; it was released as the official 3rd single from the record and was one of the few tracks she collaborated with Ariel Rechtshaid on. I love her vocals, aching with raw, pure love on pretty much every line. I miss debut era Charli so much it's true it's true!!

    Alternatively titled 'In The Dark' then 'Dancing in the Dark' (yas Bruce), it also saw her work with Patrik Berger (of I Love It fame) and was released as the single we all know and (mostly) love waaaay back in 2012 (!) The chorus is great and it makes such a perfect pop song. You're The One placed 16th on Billboard's best songs of 2012, citing that she '"released a string of dazzle pop singles this year, none quite as fluttering as this synth-laden love song.' The video was directed by Dawn Shadforth which features Charli performing on a small stage, as well with an army of children - I remember seeing it for the first time and thinking she had the makings of a star; a visual!!

    I think this cut proves NO song is safe!!!! Hold on to your loved ones xx

  13. Literally how
  14. I see what you did there.
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  15. Wait Girls Night Out is still here? Over the last 20+ eliminations?!
  16. This rate is getting hateful....
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  17. Girls Night Out is cute but come awwwwn. Better than 5 in the Morning, Porsche, and You're The One? No ma'am.
  18. Some of y'all have never had a Girls Night Out and it shows! It's a bop and a half that's why it's still in.
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  19. I loooooove “Girls Night Out,” but now I regret how I scored it.
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