Röyksopp - Senior

At first it was unclear if this was actually going to happen but now it's official.

And if that wasn't enough, the pair are currently tweaking its elder follow up, Senior.

"Senior is more introspective and withdrawn with a greater emphasis on creating atmosphere as opposed to Junior which is more about immediate, direct energy," Berge explains.

"You could say Junior has a spring feel to it and Senior has a more autumn mood to it."

Of the tracks set to feature on the next record, The Alcoholic, in particular stands out for Berge.

"With that track we had this romantic, nostalgic idea based on this hobo who hitchhikes on trains and travels from place to place," he adds before confirming his apple has now turned brown.

"He's not an alcoholic in that sad way one would think of an alcoholic. He is much more of a drifter and dreamer."

Umm... quick turnaround! I'm not sure I like it when an artist releases more than one album per year. Too much too soon. I like to have a decent amount of time to digest their work.
They've really moved their feet on this one, haven't they. When can I get get get this? I certainly won't take my time purchasing it when it arrives!

(I'll see myself out.)
I found more details about how the album will be. Well, I think Lindstrom's latest album is cool, I did hope Senior will be like that *sigh*.

Senior, contrary to what one might expect, will not feature male vocalists to balance out the many women on Junior – in fact, it will be mostly instrumental. "There will be one or two vocal tracks on it, but it’s not going to have straightforward pop songs – I guess you would say that it has tracks instead of songs, and they’re going to be longer and more experimental." Like Lindstrom’s recent space-disco epic Where You Go, I Go Too, I wonder? "Not exactly like that," Brundtland tells me, "because that album was focussed on the dance floor, but ours will not be so much. If Junior is dressed in a t-shirt and cool sneakers, then Senior is going to show up dressed in tweed and smoking a pipe ..."