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Race, Racism and Black Lives Matter

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by londonrain, Jun 3, 2020.

  1. Job applications unanswered. My friends who are less experienced than me get mails from recruiters a lot. Me? Almost never.

    Issue? My last name.
  2. I can't tell you how sorry I am for that and that I hope they somehow will learn what they miss.
  3. You’re too kind. I’d like to think I missed nothing - I work with a great bunch and have a satisfying career. If I came across as angry, it’s because it’s near impossible to get over these things. Although a tiny voice in my head tells me I could’ve been much more successful if I were of a different race, I am sensible enough to understand that if that were true, then I wouldn’t be me. But I hate the thought that others aren’t getting the opportunity they deserve because of their race, gender, caste etc.
  4. For the last ten years, I've encountered many ex-recruitment consultants talk about sales and how it was all about being attractive (what's perceived as being attractive).

    There is so much recruitment bias, and it trickles down from the top. My organisation has been really good with implementing a robust blind recruitment process, but there are a lot out there that say they do, but they don't. It's a show and they're not being regulated. Anyone can go down the route of litigation, but it's sadly not easy to prove.
  5. There’s also the fear of retribution and stigma. For many, the pond they swim in is a very small one. So taking an employer to a tribunal can hurt prospects.
  6. I agree. In a previous job, I was at my interview and said "HR should be a middle between the employer and the employee" and both my managers to this role smiled and agreed, but when I got in to the job, it wasn't the case.

    My current employer is doing a lot of good. They have a Diversity & Inclusion Officer on the board, they run training sessions in diversity, mental health, etc very often. It's the best I've experienced so far, and I'm very proud to work for them.
  7. I'm getting my finances together and want to do monthly donations to social causes. Mermaids is on the list, do you all have any anti racism charities that you support? I'm UK based so ideally want to focus my donations there.
  8. This thread has some great breaking details regarding George Floyd’s murder trial. Some big wins for the prosecution that they’ll all be tried together in Hennepin County.

  9. I'm really happy that there are schools out there teaching black history month.

    My five year old nephew mentioned wanting to go to Paris, so I asked if he wanted to go to America (that was my big dream as a child, going to Orlando with the theme parks). He turned to me and said no, and explained that white people in America think they're better than black people, when they're not. I'm so happy that he's being educated in such a way from a young age. Hopefully this can make things better for future generations.
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  10. I’m not a Twitter user but I want to create an account just so I can tell these people to %^+~ off

    It’s like a parody account and the responses. I mean do you not know you’re racist?
  11. Just found out about this Sainsbury's ad nonsense and I'm lost for words. The reactions are just... ????

  12. This is awful, but some of the replies to these racists are brilliant:

    Get her, Jade.
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  13. I don't even click on these links but I see that video and it's an automatic like from me
  14. Not sure if this is available worldwide, but I'll post it anyway.
    Perfect advice for me and other white people.
  15. Actually, this tells me this Christine person is gonna starve. And maybe that’s the right outcome ...
    So I wouldn’t waste any emotion on this. I’ll just put on my face mask and enjoy a quieter grocery shopping experience. What’s not to like?
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  16. As someone who watches very little TV (or, live TV I should say), I am always stunned by how outraged my racist parents are that "Jake from State Farm is black now". Then again, these are the same people who have said "can we even call it Black Friday this year"? in the name of complaining about political correctness.
  17. 90% of the racist tweets/replies I see come from bot accounts. Twitter really needs to crack down on them.
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  18. That's wonderful! The U.K. education system doing better then the American one, clearly. We weren't taught anything about black history or the way our country treated black people of color that wasn't pretty much already widely known. It was never expanded upon, and pretty much the same every year.

    Also, I recently made the decision to binge the entirety of That's So Raven on Disney+ and there was an episode in season 3 where Raven and Chelsea (her best friend) apply for a job at this clothing store, and Raven does everything correctly and Chelsea messes up, but Chelsea gets the job and Raven doesn't, because Raven is black. They eventually expose the manager for her racist ways. There's also a side story where Cory has to write a report for Black History month, and is forced by his dad to do the research, which leads to him having a dream learning about all the amazing things black people have done and created. It's one I remembered from when I was a kid, but hadn't seen in forever, and watching it now as an adult, it a) surprised me that Disney had created an episode like this for one of their biggest shows, b) made me emotional seeing Raven's reaction to the situation, and thinking about the fact that this still happens todaymade me think about the fact that the show has an almost all-black cast, and how huge that was for Disney at the time, with the only other example being The Proud Family, and almost nothing like it since, except for Raven's Home, which is the sequel series - and has less black people in it's main cast, technically in place of more white people. I'm not even sure where I'm going with this, I guess I just find it weird/interesting that it seems Disney has gone backward in a way when it comes to representation.
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