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Rachel Adedeji joins Hollyoaks

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. I saw Rachel in Jesus Christ Superstar about a year ago and the theatre turn out was abysmal. I'm not sure what else she's done in musical theatre but I'm guessing this offers her more stability.

    I haven't properly watched Hollyoaks for years, but she's a good name to be taking on an interesting role like that.
  2. I saw this and I thought it was going to say "Rachel Adedeji joins Holly Valance". Gutted.
  3. Still a bop.

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  4. I see she's stolen Fleur's hair.
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  5. Me too!
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  6. Club Lights is an absolute choon
  7. She was really good on XF it's great to see her on this new platform though she looks more like she is playing Fleur east!

    I wish her all the success with
    This acting era.
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  8. I'm glad she's working. She was really underrated on X Factor. Mind you, the average length of a Hollyoaks contract seems to be about five minutes.
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  9. Do you watch Hollyoaks?

    I saw ten minutes the other day and it looked like gay fantasy fanfiction.
  10. She followed the DJ...to Chester.
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  11. I KNOW. Totally awful.
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  12. #neverforget
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  13. Is it worth watching?

    I want to support this queen.
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  14. Will she be able to top this Iconic acting reel?

  15. I watch it on and off its not been great past couple of years
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  16. Don't false advertise.
  17. Indeed:

    I saw her live at UK Black Pride a couple of years ago. She was great, pity things didn't last long for her music-wise.
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  18. You say that like it's a bad thing.
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  19. Within ten minutes I witnessed a young gay couple battling HIV and drugs, a gay man with a boss who is his biological father that is a transgender woman and then another gay character who seemed to be providing Anthony Cotton comic relief on the side.
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