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Rachel Adedeji joins Hollyoaks

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Cowboystyle, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. All obviously amazing.
  2. Hollyoaks is AMAZING! I hardly watch any TV or soaps but I never miss Hollyoaks. It's totally unbelievable and ridiculous and that's why I love it so much.
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  3. Hallelujah! (to quote Dame Alexandra Burke)

    It is the perfect show to come in from work, have your dinner and switch your brain off.
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  4. @idratherjackoff
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  5. Oh how I loved announcing her name every Saturday night.
  6. I'm still catching up on April 2015. I hope i'll survive to see Queen RACHEL Ade-dej debut.
  7. I still get mad thinking that the "Holly" isn't Holly Valance.
  8. I really enjoy her songs 'Club Lights' and 'Lately'.
  9. I really enjoy her amazing weave in Hollyoaks.
  10. Iconic.
  11. I love Sarah but that is Sky Ferreira levels of acting skills.
  12. K94


    She is looking snatched in every scene.
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  13. I love how this thread is a strange mesh of Rachel Adedeji, a showcase for bad popstar soap acting, and Hollyoaks. The latter of which had a thread that died a death, and only resurrected when Stephanie Davis got fired so we could all discuss the possibility of her joining Celebrity Big Brother and showing herself up as an absolute mess (which she did!).
  14. I agree, I watched a scene of hers the other day and she looked incredible.

    Sidenote: Hollyoaks is kinda terrible isn't it?
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  15. K94


    The ENTIRE cast cannot act - they don't care about casting talent anymore. They're not even that attractive these days.
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  16. The female cast is, but not as much as its peak 2007-10 phase though.
  17. Someone should give Rachel an award for that astonishing collection of weaves and that 70s blaxplotation aesthetic she is seving for DAYS.
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  18. The afro she has been "sporting" for the last week is spectacular.
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  19. I want her to strut through the village with that afro, those massive hoop earrings swinging majestically while wearing an oversized fur coat, casting side eyes and smirks at everyone in her path.

    Before cut down to size by a hissing and snarling Marnie.
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  20. Queen Marnie is my new role model, going around hissing and barking at everyone in her path. All while wearing a big floppy hat.
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