Rachel Chinouriri - What A Devastating Turn of Events

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She made the top 20 this week! The album charted at #17. I really hoped she'd get a top 10 debut but I'm so happy for her either way.

I absolutely love the album, as expected. Her songwriting is seriously impressive, and there is a good mix of fun uptempo bops and slower, emotional moments. Dumb Bitch Juice has been on. repeat. since it's been released, as Clara Amfo says at the end I've definitely guzzled on DBJ in the past haha. The slightly beefed up production on All I Ever Asked makes it feel fresh... and it's still one of the best songs of all time.

The placement of What A Devastating Turn on Events in the tracklist, and the songs that follow it, is perfect. Such a strong debut album - I can't wait to see where she goes next.
I hadn't noticed "All I Ever Asked" was included on the album, so it was a very nice surprise when it came on! I love the slightly updated production, this kind of practice usually annoys me but here it breathes new life into the song and helps it feel at home on the album. It almost felt like listening to "All I Ever Asked" for the first time again. What a glorious song, the kind that sells you an artist instantly to the point where they could release whatever they wanted afterwards, you'd welcome their new music with open arms. The kind of songs that make you a fan for life.

Luckily for me, Rachel's music has been nothing short of great since "All I Ever Wanted" and this album is no exception. Some of it will have to grow on me a little but it's overall an impressive and ridiculously promising debut which showcases every quality that makes Rachel Chinouriri such a compelling artist: the singular indie sound she has developed since her early projects, her nods to 2000s British alt-rock which add a feeling of nostalgia to the record and broaden its many influences, her refreshing sense of humour, the charisma, attitude and vulnerability she expresses through her voice, and most importantly her gorgeous melodies. This album is a home-run and I hope they'll carry on the promotion throughout the entire year because Rachel Chinouriri and her debut deserve all of the attention they can potentially get.
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The album is great.

I think after what felt like a pretty extensive string of standalone singles (plus the EP) over the last 2 years, this really delivers on what a full-length experience from her calls for in 2024 - brimming with character and so many really clever ways she gets to infuse her culture and pretty idiosyncratic place as a Black female musician within this genre.