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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by futureshokk, Jun 24, 2006.

    • Waiting Game (b side)
    • Never Go Back (b side)
    • Queen (b side)
    • Nothing In Common (unreleased)
    Rachel (and her team) also fully deserves props for this eras three immaculate b-sides, as they are all utterly flawless and could easily have been added to the album!

    All three are incredible and really show off her vocals in a different way, especially Waiting Game.

    And finally, they should have mastered and added on the unreleased track, Nothing in Common. Such a missed opportunity and one of my absolute favourites from her!
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  1. I remembered it having an original track list and much preferred it as well. It’s a shame it was changed. Also wasn’t Crazy Boys the planned 3rd single?
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  2. Happy belated birthday to So Good! 15 years old tunes yesterday. I would say it is my favourite song by Rachel, and one of favourite song ever!
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  3. I agree with the original tracklist, I actually kept it like that on my iPod after it was released. I wonder why they rejigged it?

    @Sexbox I think you're thinking of the artwork from the below promo CD. From memory, that earlier sampler with the different (better) tracklisting was a really early promo with no artwork. In fact, I think there was a picture of it on the popjustice site but I can't find it now.

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  4. I used to much prefer the original track list too but couldn’t find it online anymore so thanks for that. I have Nothing Good About This Goodbye with the alternative intro and prefer it because it’s a bit darker.

    I can’t remember if it was that track listing or another early one where Crazy Boys was tagged as “Crazy Boyz”.
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  5. Hi x
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  6. This is the version I have on CD - is that what you're referring to? Although it's the normal tracklisting I believe.

  7. ImThat might have been an alteration after it started leaking, but it definitely had a ‘z’ on the files I got.
  8. I totally prefer the original tracklist and original Nothing Good About This Goodbye as well. It's so weird to me that they decided to end the album on Dumb Dumb when I Will Be There was the perfect closer. I think I brought this up a few months ago but everyone agreed that the final album flowed better or something
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  9. Come and Get It is one of the three CDs I have in my car because it'll likely never be accessible on Spotify Australia, so I bought it online.

    It's one of my most favourite albums of all time, and it deserved so much more. Could've been released by a pop girl nowadays and it'd be considered current. I wish Rachel would have lapped up the nostalgia factor, do the Pride circuit (ala Nadine and Cheryl) and Mighty Hoopla. The gays don't want Instagram content...

    I'd just love for her to do a retrospective interview on Come and Get It. Where's the #JusticeForComeAndGetIt movement (I don't like Twitter BTW).
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  10. I like Rachel but she's never been that intriguing during interviews and I doubt a retrospective interview on the record would reveal anything more revelatory than "she had fun doing it."
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  11. Kinda gutted Knock On Wood isn't available digitally.
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  12. A gay can dream. That and a joint tour with Holly Valance at dingy gay clubs.
  13. Yeah Knock On Wood was/is perfection. Her only song mishap post-Some Girls really was More, More, More.

    Also Negotiate With Love shouldn’t have been a single, it’s a cute album track though.
  14. No no no. Negotiate With Love is her best single. It's sublime.
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  15. Can someone finally explain to me what ''Funky Dory'' means though?
  16. Hunky Dory is an expression meaning all is well. David Bowie has an album called Hunky Dory, and Funky Dory samples Andy Warhol from that album.
  17. Baby, that’s all.

    (also, contextually, the person is a “work of pop art”, so it was meant to read as being the person being incredibly attractive).
  18. I still think that song is very underrated. It was as good as anything on Come and Get It.
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