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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by futureshokk, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Surprisingly, she sounded best when she was moving about.
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  2. Can you tell me what are the other Rachel heavy album tracks? I'm not really into S Club 7, but I would love to hear more as Natural is certainly a great song.
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  3. Show Me Your Colours and Do It Til We Drop are both essentials. I Really Miss You is a cute bop from the first album too.
  4. Boy Like You, Gangsta Love, You (Album Version) and Everybody Wants Ya are Rachel heavy as well. That’s about it for Rachel solos apart from lines here and there.
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  5. I appreciate how different and experimental her new single is!
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  7. This is kind of a slay.
  8. Oh no, it’s back but from a different angle!

    As I said before:
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    Happy 15th birthday Come and Get It!
  10. Nothing Good About This Goodbye is still amazing
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  11. I would die if Rachel acknowledged the anniversary of the greatest album of all time today.
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    She’s probably shopping for new curtains and a summer boho dress to “celebrate”.
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  13. The definition of an album that has no right to be as good as it is. I don't think anyone was expecting anything more than a handful of bops and mostly filler.
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  14. I can't believe this has been 15 years. I still remember the drama and stress of not actually being able to find the DVD version - I did eventually find it after my fourth HMV of the day. What a collection of songs. Still one of my favourite albums ever. Bring on album three now please, Rach.
  15. Does a "full" version of So Good exist or is the 3:15 Radio Edit the definitive version? My ill*gal download from 2005 has a 3:58 version with an extended intro that fades in and an outro that fades out, along with the original Nothing Good About This Goodbye
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  16. Also, where did the US edit of "Dumb Dumb" come from? It's the version that is 3:07 long. I presume I got it from a P2P back in the day but it's still in my iTunes.
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  17. This and State of Mind by Mrs Candy have really stood the test of time.

    At least Rachel got 3 cuts from her little pop masterpiece though.
  18. It’s fan made. KM16 started rumours on the old Rachel Stevens Online forums that they were going to launch her in the US. He also made an I Said Never Again US edit trying to convince people he had sources.
  19. Well it took me 16 years apparently but I've just discovered that Some Girls had an official Extended Mix and that it also sounds less muddy than the Single Mix? What even?

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  20. I wish this was on streaming. “Big big furs. Big hair. Maybe like a really cool scarf or something”.
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