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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Absolutely killer debut as a solo artist. And Tim Royes was such a great video director; so sad he died so young. He had such a sleek, sexy visual style and gave us a lot of slick videos from that era.
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  2. The videos on the DVD part of the CD aren't the best quality though. It's a shame that some pop videos/songs are hard to find.
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  3. The "Some Girls" one is certainly lightyears better than this version (seemingly the only one?) on YouTube

    Did we ever discover why Rachel lives in the sewers?
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  4. It's where her soul is. That's why her vocal have no soul or emotion.
  5. Ugh, seeing it's been so long makes me feel so old. I still love both her albums. Funky Dory (the song - album version) is so much better than that awful single version.
  6. Funky Dory - 8
    Funky Dory (new version) - 9
    Come And Get - 10

    Sweet Dreams My La Ex -10
    Funky Dory - 7
    Some Girls - 10
    More, More, More - 8
    Negotiate With Love - 10
    So Good - 10
    I Said Never Again - 10

    Her solo career was amazing. I bought everything she released and it lies proudly next to my S Club 7 collection. I know she'll never come back to music, she's nearly 40 soon! 'Come And Get It' will remain a pop under-rated masterpiece.
  7. I think the single mix was slightly better.
  8. I dislike both.
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  9. IT told her the Charli XCX album is there.
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  10. This official charts article suggests that a single mix of Nothing Good About This Goodbye was released for promotional use but I never found a promo. Does anyone know if this is true? Nothing Good About This Goodbye would have been a killer single. Actually any song would have been a great single especially Crazy Boys and I Will Be There. I always thought the latter was like a sister to Kylie's I Believe In You.

  11. Crazy Boys was planned as a single as well.
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  12. Nothing Good About This Goodbye is one of the best electro pop recordings ever.
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  13. From the wording of that article they are saying the GMTV version is the single mix. Is it different to the album mix?

    I wish that interview was online from that performance as I swear I remember her discussing the album underperforming.
  14. I only have the promo album. Is the version on there different to the released album? I know one of the songs has a different mix.
  15. The version of Goodbye on the sampler was different to the album version.
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  16. [​IMG]
  17. Rob


    I think one of them ends with a fade out and the other abruptly from what I can recall, possibly a slightly different instrumentation for the intro as well.
  18. Maybe someone can ask to Brian Higgins or Alexis Strum on Twitter?
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  19. Good idea. Maybe I can tweet ol Higgins about it. I doubt Alexis would know to much about it.
  20. I have the single mix and the album version on my iTunes and the intro is completely different (single mix is muuuuuch better). Not much else is too different at all, just a bit of instrumenation taken out of the changeover from first chorus to second verse..
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