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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I had the "promo" version for ages on my iTunes. When I finally got a copy of the album in like 2009 I was surprised how different it was!
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  2. I have the album, it has a black cover with the title on it in pink. Is that the promo?

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  3. Yeah the version on the promo is a more "synthy" version than the final album version. I think they scrapped the early version in favour of the album/single (definitive ending) one.

    I prefer the earlier mix.
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  4. Oh no! So I have spent the last ten years not buying the promo version expecting that the songs were exactly the same. Different version, more synthy, i need this, off I go to Ebay!
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  5. Alexis probably would like to forget her failed music career.
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  6. Happy 12th Birthday to life changing album Come and Get It!
  7. Whoah. Now I really do feel old.
  8. That album needs its own appreciation thread.
  9. Its amazing how Rachel managed to put together Come And Get It, in a time when pop music was struggling.

    It was genuinely surprising at the time that they didn't ditch the whole project before the album.
  10. Finally purchased the album after years of only having the promo. How apt that it falls on it's 12th anniversary. Happy Birthday! It would be lovely if she'd acknowledge this on social media. Anyone fancy tweeting her?
  11. 12 years? My god.
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  12. Did you all know Luigi Masi did a version of Nothing Good About This Goodbye? you can imagine what it sounds like already.
  13. Really?!

    Why didn't he get daddy to pay for a xenomania session, he was clearly trying to emulate their work.
  14. Honestly it's awful, he's doing this whole 'answering a telephone' thing throughout and it's barely even a vocal.
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  15. Listened to Come and Get It a few days ago... it couldve been released yesterday and it would still sound current. This is a masterpiece, I Said Never Again before Charlie XCX or whatever, Some Girls before Bebe Rexha, Negotiate With love before Dua Lipa? This album is everything!!

    Throw a few tropical beats and most of it sounds 2018
  16. I would have died for a 3rd album.
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  17. Where can we hear the promo versions?
  18. The world doesnt deserve a Third Rachel Stevens Album.
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  19. We have Cheryl Cole is a cheap imitation of Rachael Stevens anyway . One is bad enough
  20. Someone should just leak the few unreleased tracks from both albums as they clearly won’t be used by Rachel or anyone else. Guide To Seduction should be heard.

    Requiem Of Tears
    High On Love
    ManMade (not finished according to Richard X @Black Melody)
    Rhythm Junkie
    Made Of Glass

    ^^^ That would make a nice little 5 Track EP
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