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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Rhythm junkie is already out there along with Nothing in Common.
  2. I thought Rhythm Junkie was out there but not Rachel's vocals? Was it not Lisa Greene?

    Using that logic, Made of Glass is already out there as well!
  3. I believe she'll be 40 this year and married with 2 kids. Doubt we will ever get another proper album from her anyways.
  4. Kylie is still going and turning 50! I wouldn't say it's impossible....She did a get a proper go with a solo career but she didn't quite get the success one would hope....but she still sold 500,000 records in her solo career + had five top ten singles. It's a shame...Some Girls & LA Ex were not No.1 singles as they deserved to be.
  5. Believe me I think she could do it. But I really think she's content just being a mom and doing things here and there.
  6. Nobody was invested in Rachel her first time around. A third album isn't really necessary unless she actually wants to do it. Which... I doubt she has the drive.
  7. Rachel? Rachel Stevens? She doesn't have the range! I love her, I adore her, but she doesn't have the range.
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  8. Hopefully she will return. It's quite sad that she's not returned to music. Her performance at Tickled Pink in 2004 was simply awesome
  9. It doesnt matter, Sugababes had the Range and go look for them now..
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  10. ''Come & Get It'' is a true bliss of an album though.

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  11. Even the jokes are 2006 ones in this thread.
  12. Like Pop, Even the jokes in 2018 suck
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  13. Heidi? She doesn't have the range!
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  15. These jokes have no personality.
  16. Heidi teas?
  17. Tetley teas.

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  18. If she never releases another album I'm content. "Come And Get It" was good enough. Funky Dory left me hungry for more....
  19. I find it highly unlikely though she was in contact through Twitter with Richard X talking about music (but this was 3 years ago now) but nothing came of it.
  20. I doubt Rachel with make a 3rd album. Her come and get it album was beaten in the charts by the choirboys, even as a Rachel fan I have to admit, that had to be the ultimate humiliation of Rachel.
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