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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I think she's just being a mom at the moment. I don't really think she has any plans to return to the spotlight or anything.

    Watch her go to the jungle later this year.
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  2. Maybe she'll do a 'Dannii' and release a one off song now and then once her kid/s are older.
  3. Can't blame her for putting her daughters first. I think she might do the odd tv show or appearance like with Masterchef.
  4. Did she ever perform live? I only know the “So Good” performance from somewhere with prerecorded vocals
  5. I think she performed live a few times, but usually i think she mimes
  6. Her final TV performance (to my knowledge) of I Said Never Again (But Here We Are) was live over the top of the vocal and she sang live in the same style at G-A-Y for the launch of the single but those were the only times, to my knowledge, that she sang live during her solo career.
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  7. I don't think her voice is the strongest, so i can understand her miming but it won't do her singing career any good.
  8. I think in the end her miming became a bit of a joke and didn't help the credibility that she actually deserved from the general public for her phenomenal music. I also think More More More damaged a lot of her chances as well, despite it being a moderate hit.
  9. Live vocals had become quite a thing in vogue due to the popularity of singing competitions on TV. It was never a big deal that bands mimed on Top Of The Pops. In fact I wouldn't sing live unless I was paid extra. No way. However, I always appreciated it when Girls Aloud performed live. They might not be the best singers together, but at least they were trying. Rachel Stevens never seemed to try. She looked like a throwback popstar; signed for her face rather than any real talent. Hopelessly out of sync in a time when popstars were personality packed, she never stood a chance against Girls Aloud/Lily Allen/Charlotte Church (!) and others.

    I had to laugh at a recent interview with Paul from S Club. He always insisted on singing live, because it was important for him to show people he was in a real band, or something. He was in S Club 7! But it also made me realise that I couldn't be too harsh on Rachel for never ever singing live or writing any of her songs. That was the environment she was put into as a popstar; manufactured pop, with other people around her, not having to say anything of value, riisk being controversial, or...doing anything other than smile and mime those songs she was given by producers.
  10. Those are some harsh words you have for Rachel. I believe she was involved in trying to write songs, perhaps she wasn't good at it and that's why the songs that made her albums are ones not written by her, or her name wasn't added to the credits. It's true she was/is a pretty face and stunning woman, she's not the first or the last person to be. Rachel seems to be a scapegoat for the media to ridicule when there are others out there doing the exact same thing in miming.
  11. But that was the music industry she was thrust into and anything I said isn't really aimed at her personally. That's just how it worked. Maybe it still does? You're really agreeing with what I said and I agree with you too.

    It isn't a criticism to say she didn't write her songs, because on the whole it's absolutely true. I think she's credited for one b-side as a co-writer?
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  12. Fair enough, possibly a misunderstanding. Are you a Rachel fan or indifferent to her?
  13. I'm not a fan at all because I couldn't get past her blandless. I felt at the time that giving her all those songs was a waste of time. But I also recognise that popstars like Rachel keep producers in work, giving them people to front their sound. She was absolutely harmless.
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  14. That's completely fair. Rachel is one of many popstars used by producers, can't blame them for taking advantage of the opportunity to make money and perform
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  15. So hard to believe that Rachel just turned 40. She really looks like she's in her early 30's.
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  16. Random confession. I recently bought Come and Get It for 50p and only listened to it this weekend.

    BRAIN MELTED!!! IT'S FRICKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....

    .....how did I miss it for so long???
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  17. It's sad that the album was outsold by Choir boys
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  18. I supported her 'Come And Get It' campaign at the time in 2006 fully, and I remember that it didn't help at all that she mimed almost everything bar her final performance of 'I Said Never Again' where she cut short her hair and sang live on the Smash Hits Party performance. She was properly slated for it. Sadly, I don't think it would have made all that much difference, sadly there were some people who would just never buy a Rachel Stevens record no matter how good it was. I think she was done with the whole singing thing by then and wanted to give her final performance her all. Singing live was becoming a big deal at the time and I think she was use to the S Club 7 way of miming as many performances as possible.

    As I've said before, I loved everything from start to finish of that campaign. They released a superb album + three brilliant singles and they all didn't quite become the hits they'd have hoped they'd become. 'Negogiate with Love' and 'So Good' were both Top 10 singles and despite the album doing worse than hoped it is still seen by many as a popINjustice and on many lists of brilliant pop albums of our time. I'm just so glad it got properly released and I have a copy on my shelf.

    She had a respectable music career in hindsight, better than most. 2 Top 2 singles, over 500k records sold, she got to release three albums (including the Funky Dory re-release) and had 5 Top 10 singles. I can't see her releasing another record unless she goes on a reality show or wins it or something...and I'm not sure she'd want to be 40 and dancing to pop songs either.
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  19. I always found that Rachel got slated for miming far more than anyone else who mimed. One journalist from The S*n fakenewspaper had several digs at her.
  20. She did have a great album (still good to this day) but it has no personality I think another problem was that anyone could do those songs and been better at them.
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