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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. I used to love Rachel so much back in the day, but I couldn't help myself to not hate her for getting "Some Girls" (wait for the mega crossover) over Geri.

    I still can't believe Richard X decided to give this to her and not to Geri, that song has Geri written all over it! And how things would have turned if Geri could have that as first single.
    Imagine a campaign with:

    1. Some Girls
    2. 100% Pure Love + album launch
    3. Love Never Loved Me
    4. Ride It

    Ohh the popstardom than we all missed with Geri.
  2. I thought Rachel did a great job with some girls if i'm honest.
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  3. I'd love to hear Some Girls with Geri's vocals but that song definitely was at home with Rachel.

    Also, Rachel is a capable singer. She can carry a note and her live vocals aren't terrible so I don't know why she couldn't give a few more live performance. But also, a lot of popstars during that era mimed.
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  4. I always felt like Rachel was an easy target for mockers and slanderers.

    Katie Price verbally destroyed her on more than one occasion
    Ana Matronic of the scissor sisters had a pop at her
    Dick & Dom tried to embarrass her too.

    I think she's either too grown up or too nice to say anything back.
  5. Both.
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  6. who
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  7. Huh?
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  8. Timing didn't help 'Come And Get It' either, pop was on the way out at the time too apart from Girls Aloud and Sugababes most Pop Acts were struggling...
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  9. Yeah true, i remember Rachel saying she "wanted to put pop music back on the map" Even i couldn't buy into that
  10. If she featured on some anonymous dance track as 'Ms. Stevens' or something I'm sure she could get her foot back into the music industry. Her voice wouldn't immediately scream Rachel Stevens from S Club so wouldn't put the cool people off listening to it.
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  11. I'm not sure what cool is these days, it's certainly nothing I've come across in the music industry in the last 10 years, I can't really stand modern music
  12. I'm sorry but the lyrics "some girls always get what they wanna wanna, all I seem to get is the other other, dreams of number 01 last forever that's the only thing to make you feel better" + "you made a promise to make me a song, you made a promise I'll get to the top" have GERI written all over them!!

    At the time she was such and hungry popstar/celebrity.
  13. If Geri had gotten the song, we would have never had Me Plus One. So no.
  14. I don't want to imagine Geri's vocals on Some Girls. I like the frostiness of Rachel's delivery.
  15. That's because there was no space for her on the map.
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  16. Yeah but Geri didn't need to dream of no.1s as she had plenty...
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  17. Pop was 90's music, by the 2000's it was a dying genre, Rachel was just a few years too late. Had she been solo in the late 90's I think she would've been a far bigger success

  18. Isn't it "you made a promise to make me a STAR" ?
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  19. She was...but it much better suited Rachel much more. Plus, Geri had already had 4 solo No.1's whereas Rachel hadn't. Both LA Ex & Some Girls deserved to be No.1 smashes but there was just some who wouldn't buy her records no matter how good they were.
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  20. Sweet Dreams couldn't get to #1 because Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas was holding strong. Unfortunate, but honestly kind of understandable since that song was a smash. I'm not sure what kept Some Girls from the top.
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