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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Sweet Dreams couldn't get to #1 because Where Is The Love by Black Eyed Peas was holding strong. Unfortunate, but honestly kind of understandable since that song was a smash. I'm not sure what kept Some Girls from the top.
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  2. I'm not sure Rachel was respected or taken seriously as an artist, or she may not have been able to shake off the S club 7 gimmick as they were a huge hit.
  3. Destiny. Lyrics: "Dreams of number 1 last forever". So "Some Girls" peaked at #2, which is not bad.
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  4. Exactly.

    I think Funky Dory was not a good choice for 2nd single. I like the song now, it grew on me, but as a kid I was kind of like what is this??? More, More, More was too kiddish for her although it went to #3.

  5. Let’s all be honest, there wasn’t any other song on the album that was anywhere near the levels of excellence or single worthiness so whatever they put out as the second single, it wasn’t going to be good enough. Funky Dory was probably the best bet, Breathe In Breathe Out and Solid were too similar to S Club, Fools may have worked but again a little to juvenile, Glide and Silk sounded half finished and Blue Afternoon and Heaven Has To Wait were too weak.
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  7. At the time I disdained Some Girls as a Goldfrapp rip-off or a Black Cherry b-side, but in hindsight that's more a comment on the omnipresence of Goldfrapp at that time. They were a pop force to be reckoned with until...they weren't.
  8. The stories were amazing. My favourite was the one about Rachel being interview for a lad mag like Sky or FHM, but she had to do it twice (maybe three times) because the interview was so boring. I loved it. A magazine geared towards people who want tits and ass without reaching too high in the shop...and the interview wasn't good enough. It's one of those amazing rumours that I probably read on PopBitch.
  9. I mean for the level her 2nd album is on, her 1st album in general is so... rushed literally.
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  10. If it was for FHM I'm sure why it would matter if it was a boring interview, I thought people bought them for one thing, and not reading lol
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  11. That's why I found it funny!
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  12. Whenever I've listened to or watched Rachel being interviewed or on a chat show I've never found her to be boring as such, maybe a bit shy or just not as in your face as others. Then again maybe I'm making excuses for her or just don't want to slate her :P
  13. Perhaps it's time to remove the "returns" from the topic title?
  14. You may be right. I highly doubt Rachel is returning to music again
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  15. Rachel Stevens Stays Away
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  16. Little Secret should have been the second single from Funky Dory (the 1st release). I was stunned when the 2nd best song on the album was relegated to LA Ex's b-side.
  17. Despite both not getting to No.1 and 'dreams of No.1 last(ing) forever' it's fair to say both were huge hits for her. They helped the album with both releases to shift 240k+ combined so it was seen as successful and she was able to get a 2nd album. 'LA Ex' did really well, it was even nominated for Best British Single at the Brits in 2004.

    I still love 'Funky Dory'....The singles should have been - LA Ex / Little Secret / Breathe In Breathe Out. It's sad because the reality is no matter how good the songs are or how well she danced on Strictly she couldn't just quite get to No.1/winning, it's sad but it's probably the case that some people just don't like her or see her as boring, or manufactured, a puppet etc.

    I mean she hands down should have won Strictly, she was miles ahead of everyone else once she performed the Rhumba but she still lost and that's because some people just couldn't bring themselves no matter how obviously good she was to vote for her.
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  18. Rachel Stevens - dreams of number 1 last forever.
    Rachel Stevens - I said never again (we can add "but here we are" if she comes back)
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  19. So true. After the SCD farce it really got me to thinking why (although all those shows are fixed) Rachel wasn't picked to win. Voters couldn't vote for Rachel for over 30 mins at one point, proving it was a fix. Rachel admitted she broke down in tears after the final :(
  20. Nothing good about this goodbye.
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