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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Yes please.
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  2. It’s a shame that Rachel stevens just like Holly valance, Hilary Duff and Lindsay lohan were just pretty girls on TV that were eventually offered to record music because at the time it felt right (aka there was money in it) so they basically never had the whole PASSION for it to keep on going even after being fired from record labels or flopping. It was just a gig that was interesting to them while giving them money, on the second it went dry they jumped the ship for good.
  3. I believe Rachel did have a whole passion for music. I think after she flopped it would be very difficult to find anyone to take a chance on releasing a 3rd album. I do recall Rachel saying she was writing songs with other song writers but it clearly didn't come to anything. You can't blame it all on Rachel if others don't believe in her music career.
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  4. She decided to be an actress after Come And Get It flopped. I'm not sure what happened there, to be honest.
  5. Wasn't she going to be in Eastenders at one point?
  6. Yeah I read that even last year that she was in talks with Eastenders. I could see that being possible. Rachel in Hollywood not so much, plus Hollywood is really seedy and sleazy from what many celebs have said
  7. I wouldn’t put Hilary in that category. Since she released 5 albums. Co-wrote the majority of the 4th and released her 5th ages after her 4th.
  8. But it looks like she was trying for some sort of Hollywood career based on this 2007 FHM interview

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  9. The thing is even Rachel as a solo act is not a one-woman machine although it appears so on screen. There's a huge team around her making every decision and I'm sure Rachel was use to the S Club 7 way of things of being told were to go and when so I couldn't even imagine her trying to continue being a popstar after being dropped for poor sales for C&GI. The songs were written for her and she never really showed much more involvement than saying something was 'amazing' etc.

    I mean I feel it lucky we still got three singles released from that album that were properly promoted with stunning artwork and the album released properly. There was no up from there anyway for me, she peaked for me and I was content. Over two albums, she released some brilliant singles and I like how her career started, every release and performance from start to finish. Some people forget that her solo career produced 5 top 10 singles. That's not so bad!
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  10. It seems like the record company had got as much out of Rachel as possible and were looking for a new younger pop star
  11. Yeah and at 40, i'd say the chance of her going back to then is virtually impossible!
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  12. Hopefully she does come back in some sort of role in the entertainment industry
  13. People move on with their lives. As a teenager I was holding on to the idea Billie Piper would be back eventually after Walk of Life. She had potential to be a great popstar in the longterm.

    Then she published her autobiography and you understand that quitting music kind of saved her life, even though she is now still a public figure doing something she loves and being critically acclaimed. Fame is not for everyone and at some point you might rather enjoy a quiet life. Her catalogue is great and Come & Get It will always be considered here as a great example of cohesive pop music. I'd rather hope for some outtakes to leak at some point (like Nothing in Common) rather than push her to put out music again at some point (which probably wouldn't be at the same level as we would want it to be).
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  14. Why has this not happened yet? And yes I am quoting myself.
    A hat, a gift...
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  15. I doubt Rachel will do music again, however I would like to see her back in some capacity like when she was on the voice Ireland. I don't think Rachel is finished quite yet
  16. She seemed to enjoy her solo stint during the S Club 7 reunion a few years ago. If she got the bug maybe she would try again. Maybe if Louise Redknapp's return is a success it will spike interest in other solo girls giving it another shot?
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  17. Anything is possible. I still think we'll see her do one off performances for charity events like Children in need and red nose day. Until then we have youtube to watch her past performances :)
  18. Plenty of celebs have described hollywood as a cesspool of drugs, sex orgys and occult rituals, sounds kinda sleazy to me, if true that is

  19. Rachel has been modelling and doing photoshoots for Matalan summer range.
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