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Rachel Stevens returns

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by tommie, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. Yawn
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  2. Someone out there posted a 10 second clip of Rachel singing My Heart Will Go On at karaoke last week. I'm just at work so I can't find it to post.
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  3. Do you guys have come and get it on Spotify?
  4. I recently played 'La Ex' what a perfect record, i remember how huge it was at the time.
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  6. Listening to Come & Get It for the first time in ages and it still goes off. Crazy Boys still gets me after all this time.
  7. I know its been said on almost every page in this thread but that album is timeless..
  8. She was poised for a comeback at one point, a then friend was working with her on new music. Wonder what happened?
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  9. I think Rachel’s problem is that she was an accidental pop star. She fell into her position by chance. I think she enjoyed what she did but performing and music doesn’t seem to be a passion for her. She’s fine with or without it. If anything, she left on a high. Come and Get It is still one of the best pop albums of all time.
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  10. It is such a shame that come and get it didn't sell well and their were a few journalists that enjoyed that fact and pretty much mocked Rachel.
  11. Let's be fair though, it was the album that was great and Rachel was just lucky to have it. She was never an incredible popstar or really had much star appeal. She was attractive and funny and sweet but there was no edge. Her pop solo career was always going to be short-lived.
  12. Sad but true
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  13. Uno


    She actually sounds quite nice here - I wish the dude would shut up though.
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  14. I always feel like Rachel never got much respect
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  15. Your avatar says it all.

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  16. That entire album could have been a Kylie album and it would have sold like hot cakes. The music was too good to waste on flop sales!
  17. Too right justice for Rachel. Something about my avatar pic she looks kinda hot, without even trying haha
  18. My favorite thing about her is that I had been listening to her albums for years, basically stunned to learn how little impact she internationally and commercially had on the pop music realm.

    When I started connecting with pop listeners and realized how loved she was, and especially Come And Get It, I felt more understood perhaps?

    Unfortunately, she was musically active before I became more open to pop music, so I didn't have the chance to witness her career or to see her live. It's one of my biggest musical dreams. Maybe one day...
  19. I don't think many people got behind Rachel in her career. She was always going to be a British pretty face and sex appeal, but not someone who would be a world star unfortunately
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