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Rachel Stevens

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by futureshokk, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Here it is!
    Now I listened again and I'm not really sure it's a different vocal recording, but it's louder in the song. What do you think?
  2. There's definitely something different here and I think it might even be a different vocal at times. It's so hard to tell but it didn't ever sound that different on Top of the Pops so I assume it is that same thing played out just maybe with more compressed levels?!
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  3. Yeah, I'd say it just sounds a little less polished/produced. Like how you might expect the song to sound before it was properly mastered. I don't think the vocals are a different recording.

    I assume it was just to give the impression she was singing live/singing over the backing track..?
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  4. Is it just me or the video for Sweet Dreams (My LA Ex) is not available on YouTube? All I see are 'live' performances of the song.
  5. It might be geo-restricted for you?
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  6. Yeah it sounds like it's just the dry acapella, as opposed to having all the effects applied and a little higher in the mix. At least in the verses.
    Still super nice to hear though, thanks!
  7. The chorus definitely feels different, almost sounding breathy at the end of each line to show she was singing live/out of breath.

    The volume also shifts at 1:35 getting louder, but I think this is more to do with the mix and recording than to help Rachel in anyway shape or form.

    Apart from that, it does sound very similar just less high quality.
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  8. MB


    Like everyone says, very minimal changes. Glad I didn't pay £50 for it - thanks for uploading.
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  9. That's homophobic.
  10. This is the pre recorded version they used for the TV promo
  11. So, I have to assume these have already been posted but I've tried to look through the thread and couldn't see them. Anyhoo, I stumbled on them yesterday. She's performing a medley of When Will I See You Again, More More More and Car Wash in the first one and a Carpenters cover in the second one.

    Although the show looks cheap as chips, Rachel sounds pretty decent here. It's...weird...to hear her actually singing. Far from the strongest voice, but she's got a nice tone and she copes pretty well.

  12. I always thought she was a capable singer with a 'nice' voice. She does sound pretty good on these live songs.
  13. Yeah, me too, but her voice definitely seems to have improved. Listening closely, there's some technique in there that I'm not sure I've heard her use before. Suspect she's had a bit of coaching, which is nice.

    I was just quite happy to see her performing so recently. I'd never heard of that show, but good for her.

    Seeing her do More More More was cute. She could definitely do little gigs here and there if she wanted to. The voice is there, and she looks like she's genuinely enjoying performing, it's not like she'd embarrass herself.
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  14. I find her voice absolutely delightful. Much more pleasing to the ear than Jo's.

    She should do Masked Singer. I'd die.
  15. Her voice is infinitely nicer to listen to than Jo's. I get that she was the belter, but I've never particularly liked the tone of her voice.

    I'd love that for Rachel! She could totally do that. She's not an obvious guess for the majority of people and she could obviously handle the singing.
  16. Rachel has a great pop voice, Jo was definitely more of your typical “singer” but Rachel’s vocals were always good. In saying that, were there people who thought Rachel couldn’t sing? I thought her “problem” with the general public was her (perceived) lack of personality, not her vocals.
  17. I always thought that Jo (and Bradley to an extent) were the only perceived singers, just because the others barely got a look in on the singles. They were just glorified backing singers.

    Rachel probably never was technically as good as Jo, but her voice is way more pleasant, and those videos suggest it's actually got better with age. Which is something Jo definitely cannot say about hers.
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  18. Always thought Jo was a foghorn. I really wish the Rachel mix of "Alive" was properly available.
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  19. Jo's recent live performances from home and clips of her in studio sound great. Her voice was really not great during the reunion and S Club 3 but you can tell she's been working on it.

    Rachel got a fair amount of album tracks, it's a shame more weren't released as singles so the general public could hear more of her voice. We got Natural at least!
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  20. Rachel sounds lovely in those videos! She isn't a powerhouse vocalist but she sure can sing and entertain.
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