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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by futureshokk, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Mvnl

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    Does this kinda sample So Good (or both the same song)?

  2. Not really? Both bops though.
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  3. So many mixes are languishing on those promos! The So Good one showed up recently on Discogs but I missed it. The only one I've managed to get over the years is Funky Dory.
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  4. Listening to that extended mix, I found myself singing "Grease is the word, is the word that you heard", over the top of "so good, so good, so good". I've never noticed the similarity before - perhaps it's a sample?
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  5. Usually samples are credited in the writing credits of a song. You will see all the writers of the original song credited in the credits of the new song, with the new writers. And you will see "contains some elements of...". Two good examples of samples in Rachel's career: "Funky Dory" and "All About Me".
  6. When are we going to have her albums and singles streaming on Spotify Europe?
  7. I’ve raised with the label but also the Head of Music at XIX and no joy.
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  8. It is a big loss, to be honest - many, many people are missing out on the lost classic that is 'Come and get it'.
  9. MB


    Rachel’s just announced on her IG that her and her husband are separating. Such sad news. Let’s hope she writes a break up anthem and comes back with come and get it pt2. In the meantime she can play “So Good” and “Negotiate with Love” on repeat.
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  10. Oh, that's a shame. I don't know anything about her personal life really but hopefully she's okay.
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  11. Wow, what a shocker. Hope they're okay.
  12. Aw, I thought their story was so cute and sweet. I hope she's doing okay.

    I've been watching clips of her singing live posted several pages back. I wish she was on stage more often. She's always had a great pop voice, and it seems to have gotten better.
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  13. Island

    Island Staff Member

    Happy Birthday Some Girls!

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  14. Happy birthday baby.
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  15. How exciting it must’ve been to be in the UK around the time of its premiere and to have that intro come out of the speakers. Phew!
  16. By the way, ladies - just figured out my perfect 'Come And Get It' version:

    1. I Said Never Again.
    2. Waiting Game.
    3. Some Girls.
    4. Crazy Boys.
    5. Dumb Dumb.
    6. Negotiate With Love.
    7. It's All About Me.
    8. Secret Garden.
    9. Je M'Apelle.
    10. Queen.
    11. Funny How.
    12. Nothing Good About This Goodbye.
    13. I Will Be There.
    14. So Good (Extended Mix).

    Flows like honey. Ends up on a massive high. Showcases everything like pure pop gold.
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  17. Poor Every Little Thing and Never Go Back.
  18. The true b-sides of the era!
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  19. I like “Never Go Back” better than “Negotiate with Love” personally.

    Also, thank you for reminding me I need to change the tracklist back on my library from its promo version ddd.
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  20. Negotiate With Love is by far the worst song on the album.
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