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Rachel Stevens

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by futureshokk, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. Bwahahaha I quoted the No Doubt song (facepalm)! Can always count on you @Holly Something to correct me with something sassy! Love it!
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  3. SBK


    Which must mean we're close to a Come and Get It expanded reissue with vinyl pressing and 3CD hardback book. Why else would he be digging out the demo!

    (if only)
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  5. Rob


    An appearance at Hoopla, followed by a small academy tour would be the dream. She's more than enough material to justify it. Throw is some S Club 7 hits and a medley of pop flops from Holly Valance/Sarah Whatmore/Lisa Scott-Lee and the gays will come.
  6. Back when there was a lot of mess about Rachel releasing a third album in 06/07 there was a rumor that Rachel was releasing a greatest hits called “Test of Time” and it included all her singles, two new songs, and “revisited” versions of her s club led songs (Natural, Boy Like You, I Really Miss You)

    obviously it was not true but I like the idea…. And I think it would be iconic for Rachel to release a greatest hits with only 7 singles… kind of like how Hilary Duff has only 4 albums but released like three different greatest hits (in the UK most wanted served as the second album but in the states it was a greatest hits collection)
  7. I mean, yeah. The seven singles + Fools, Breathe In, Silk, Crazy Boys, Nothing Good, Dumb Dumb, Funny How and toss in a medley of Natural, Show Me Your Colours, Boy Like You and Gangsta Love.

    Solid 15 track setlist right there.
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