Rachel Stevens

I love her and a lot of her music but 'm a bit apprehensive about seeing her on a main stage. Back in the day I think she only did one televised performance with live vocals. I believe it was 'I Said Never Again' at the Smash Hits awards, right near the end of her popstar days. So I never had her down as a live act.

She can sing live just fine. Her songs are not the most vocally challenging and she can do them. There's a few videos of her singing live when she was in that Rip It Up 70s show, and then the duet with Gary Barlow.

She's certainly capable enough to pull off her singles, with the help of a backing track to beef up the choruses.
Will we finally get a dreamy performance of I Will Be There where she slowly descends from the ceiling on a swing? Or a high-energy Crazy Boys performance involving her and her dancers wearing fluoro?

Well, no we won't. We'll get Some Girls, Sweet Dreams, More More More and we'll deal. It's just so exciting to see her doing something, anything, music related! I really hope this reignites her interest in music.
There’s not really been an act with this amount of hype behind a Hoopla performance in a while! It’s going to be a mission to get a good spot.
I really don't know why she's so low on the billing. But I guess it's a good way of getting people to arrive earlier than they normally would.