Rachel Stevens

It’s a shame her profile is now so poor in the UK, was really gutted to see how early she went out of DOI. Hoping this gives her a boost to do some more recording. Had there ever been any other leaks bar ‘nothing in common’?
I've recently got into Rachel with some convincing of a friend and I started with her Xenomania tracks because I love GA so much. It took me a minute but now I am crazy just like everyone else mainly for her 2nd album. The first is a bit dated for me but CAGI lives up to date!!
The first album has a handful of brilliant songs though, 'Glide', 'Fools', 'Silk' the original mixes of 'Funky Dory' and 'Breathe In, Breathe Out' and of course 'Sweet Dreams My LA Ex'... also that original album cover is gorgeous.
I will have to run "Funky Dory" another few spins (which btw is a horrible name for an album in my opinion..). Like I said it's dated so it sounds cheap to me in ways. I do like "Fools" and " Sweet Dreams My LA Ex" and "Some Girls" which I think was from that era?? That has to be my favorite song right now like I cannot stop replaying it. I find kind of cool that "LA Ex" was supposed to be Britney's comeback single for the "In The Zone" era but she rejected it because she thought it was too "obvious" that it was a diss towards Justin's "Cry Me A River"
The first album is great for an early 00s pop album, even better with the reissue adding “Some Girls”, the single mix of “Funky Dory”, and the (planned) single mix of “Breathe In, Breathe Out”. If only they included the single version of “More More More”! I added that mix and the two other b-sides (“Spin That Bottle” and “Shoulda Thought of That”) in my digital library version.

Also, Funky Dory as a title is a play on David Bowie’s Hunky Dory, an album that contains “Andy Warhol” which is the sample used on Rachel’s “Funky Dory”. “Baby, that’s all”.
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Interesting facts! I am trying to decipher that there's two versions of "Some Girls" I watched the music video and I don't hear a difference. Or did I just make this up??
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