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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. I would rather people just have fun with it, so I don't have to make those kind of decisions.

    As long as people aren't just coming to 10 all Hilz, Miley, Selena etc. and are giving all songs a legit listen, I'm pretty flexible about it.
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  7. I heart you back!
  8. I've finished the girl group rate so I'm back to this now.

    Bopping to Watch Me at the moment.
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  9. Just voted!
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I would still send a ballot and I'll look it over. It might not be as bad as you're saying. Just score songs honestly and there shouldn't be any issue.
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  12. @DJHazey as each ballot arrives in his PM box:



  13. Contemplating how accurate this is.

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  14. I'm working on my scores and DAMN some of these girls have some thin ass vocals. I just had a giggle to myself imagining what would have happened if Hilary had kept Since U Been Gone for herself.
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  15. I have a...interesting way of appreciating vocals. Some of these are perfection to my ears.(I know I'm a mess.)

    @aniraz has sent their ballot and with it we have a new leader and the #1 song is now #3. #teatime
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  16. Oh shit.
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  17. Who Is That? #10 - Olivia Holt


    Olivia's first appearance on Disney was on a show called Kickin' It where she was targeted for the lead role due to her gymnastics background and could handle the martial arts aspect of the program. Then she was cast for the Disney original movie Girl vs. Monster where she would have her first experience releasing music. This is how I discovered her from the song "Had Me @ Hello" which I wanted to include in this rate, but it's technically not a single and since she had other songs to choose from, I couldn't do what I did for Lucy Hale. Check out the mega-bop below and note that her other songs from the album (Make Your Mark: Ultimate Playlist) are also great too.

    Later on, Olivia was on the short-lived Disney show I Didn't Do It, before exploring her acting career elsewhere. In 2014 she signed a deal with Hollywood Records and released the EP Olivia in 2016, which includes the song we're rating "History". You'll notice quite a big difference from "Had Me @ Hello" to songs like "History" or "Phoenix" for example as it definitely shoots for a more modern and mature style of pop. I usually hate when my favorite teen-pop stars change their sound like this, but I didn't mind this EP at all. I even entered "In the Dark" in a PJSC one time. You'll be shocked to find out who sang it if you didn't know who Olivia was beforehand. I chose "History" over "Phoenix" simply because it was the one song which actually charted and it's the better one of course.

    I often put Olivia in the same category as Sabrina Carpenter and to lesser extent Dove Cameron and Sofia Carson as the future hope for this particular subgenre of pop. That's why I wanted Olivia to have three songs in the rate like Sabrina has. Luckily for us, Olivia has released not one but two mega-bops, both their own unique style, in the past couple years. I just had to add them to the rate and give her a multi-faceted introduction for everyone voting.

    Musical Comparison: Ooo, this is difficult because her sound has gone through a lot of transition, even through a small sampling of releases, but the first name that comes to mind is a teen-pop version of Eden XO.
  18. The megabops are the best part, of course!
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