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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Please do not tell me Hilary is going to pull a hattrick and by the looks of it Fly is due very soon (seeing the results of the Hilary rate). It doesnot have my 11 now compared to then so it must be close I fear. Surprise me people!!

    And yes. I had a busy week. I need a calm and housewrecking free evening.
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  2. I wanna wreck some houses.

    *throws cotton candy at low scorers*
  3. You throwing cotton candy at people would mean you'd go "wait, I want that back" 2 seconds later.
  4. Don't worry, I'll save more than enough for me!
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  5. I wasn't sure whether I was going to rush another one out today before leaving for home and my tournament (which since it's on the west coast is apparently running from 3pm to 1am for tonight ddd) but I'm going to leave it there and let people catch up (the thread has been kind of quiet between eliminations so maybe some people need a chance to catch up) .

    I'll be back Monday and my boss is on vacation which means I'll have a bit more to do so don't expect more than two eliminations per day just for next week, but I suspect the reveals will start sparking more controversy and discussion soon.
  6. And what could possibly be more controversial than kicking out pure happiness? Hmmmm.

    Happy Halo weekend to you! xx
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  7. True, but I think a lot of people came in knowing a lot of the songs in the Top 40/50 and less the other songs but did the rate so they could stan the top tier songs.
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  8. Well then, I hope some of the better known songs I dislike get kicked out! They deserve it. Hehe.
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  9. I'm catching up on the rate... and I just got to the part where Watch Me and Dancing Crazy get eliminated back to back. BRB crying myself to sleep.
  10. THANK YOU. That nearly ended me as well.
  11. Best Friend's Brother (my lowest rated rated song in the whole rate) going right after provided some relief at least!
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  12. [​IMG]

    This is like the furthest thing ever from musical theatre.
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  13. It's closer than the other songs and it was a joke ddd

    Still doesn't explain the 3.5 point drop from one of the most meticulous scoring scales in the game.
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  14. I scored the songs separately this go-round. For some I referred back to what I originally gave them in your Hilary rate from a few years back (and mentioned doing so in my commentary), but it didn't influence my scoring this time.
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  16. If Hilary was going to lose 2 songs outside the top 50 they’d be the picks, but I was not READY to have them go back to back! Sacrilege.

    There are a few songs from the Tiz that definitely need to take their bows.
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  17. Bless Hilz - she nearly tripped over one of those dancers in her heels.
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  18. The Zoom Song finally getting the respect it deserves theaux.
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  19. Literally tweeted this.

    I don't mind the AMA performance. I love the chair. Obviously the best bit about that performance (Which isn't in that video) is Jenny Mccarthy introducing Hilary as her "good friend" and pulling a yeah right face. Also some random woman being tagged as Haylie Duff.
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