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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. What the actual fuck?
  2. I am not too invested in the less known girls, but this song is another dimension. I thought we all agreed on that...
  3. I think you can blame fatigue from having to listen to so many autotuned messes towards the end of the rate for my low scores. Maybe I was too harsh on that last one but it still sounds like an Inna reject. I didn't tank many of the classics so it's just a matter of filtering out these mediocre new girls for me.
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  4. Yeah but Inna is flawless pop, so that should've enhanced things.
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  5. Back to the Wizards of Waverly Place era we go and does everybody remember this quote from one of our rate villains?

    I bet everyone was starting to think.


    Well I'm unfortunately here to start proving this as a fact with a surprising elimination.


    #53. Demi Lovato - Here We Go Again - 7.138

    Highest: 10 x 3 (@Blond, @Charley, DJHazey)

    Lowest: 5 x 5 (@GhettoPrincess, @Sally_Harper, @Alouder98, Sprocky's BF, @Pecans)

    Voter Bloc 1: #46
    Voter Bloc 2: #38
    Voter Bloc 3: #59
    Voter Bloc 4: #59
    Voter Bloc 5: #71

    Final Voters: #53 <-- Two of our three 10s.

    Charts: #15 (U.S.) #199 (UK) #4 (Ukraine) #20 (Brazil) #38 (New Zealand) #61 (Canada) #129 (Australia)

    Certifications: Platinum (U.S.)

    Release: lead single for Demi's second album Here We Go Again in June 2009.

    Songwriters: Lindy Robbins, Isaac Hasson (producer), Mher Filian (producer)

    Reviews: The song received positive reviews with some critics calling her "Kelly Clarkson's little sister" with the power pop song being very comparable to "Since U Been Gone".

    Music Video: Directed by Brendan Malloy and Tim Wheeler ("La La Land") and portrays Demi breaking up with her boyfriend before her concert, only to have the guy show up with a rose after the concert and they start back up again.

    Hazey's Focus: I still remember watching the music video when it first premiered and I was nearly in tears at how perfect it all was. It hit me like a ton of bricks instantly and was easily my most played song for the next six months. It's definitely sounds a little off if you're a new listener, with how Demi delivers the verses in a "matter of fact" way and the opening line of the chorus "So how did you get here under my skin" and its transition to "swore that I'd never let you back in" sound a bit wonky at first, but I anticipate it every time. The way she elevates her voice from each line to the next and how she closes out each chorus are all perfect power pop characteristics. It reminds me of why I love the song "Solo" so much. The fact that this was not followed up by a "Solo", "Stop the World", and "Catch Me" single run is beyond me. This album gets called peak teen-pop for a reason and if you had even one little "hey this might grow on me" or "I wonder what else she has" moment while listening to this then I would tell you to listen to the album immediately. This was before Demi really starting killing her vocal chords and she sounded amazing; the album is bulletproof. My two favorites are below:

    Maybe @Sally_Harper (5) would have better luck with the two songs I posted above because this was a bit meh for her: "it'll do."

    I think @iheartpoptarts (6) meant that the end of the best pop/rock era in music history was nearing its end in 2009: "he end of the generic pop/rock era is so, so close now…"

    @livefrommelbs (8.5) was too busy finding their wig to write anything other than "THAT CHORUS."

    @Blond (10) took a passage from their biography Somewhere We Went Wrong: Never Forget about Demi's career path and shared it with us all: "The best songs in this rate are the ones that sound like they could have been Kelly hits and this is maybe the best example of that. I really wish Demi would go back to this sound."

  6. Iconic.
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  7. The next elimination is from an older era and has and 11 and someone not named me is losing back-to-back 10s.

    Also a 'villain duo' is back at it again.
  8. Hope it's Daughter to Father tbh.
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  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I feel like there's a lot of those though.
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  11. You're one to talk considering you're in the one I'm speaking of.
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  12. [​IMG]
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  13. The voters of this rate are basically @DJHazey, @iheartpoptarts and rate villains tbh.
  14. YES.
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  15. [​IMG]

    Well, I suppose I was a villain for Olivia Holt, but it's what she deserved anyway.
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  16. Yes, but us three have had the most 10s (and 11s in their case) be eliminated and it's not even close.
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  17. Okay, who else thought this said Isaac Hanson?

    Let's wreck some other people's 11s, I'm ready.
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  18. As an aside, I'm currently hooked on this bop

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  19. Hey @soratami and the others that left his name out. Case and point.


    #52. Hannah Montana - Nobody's Perfect - 7.175

    Highest: 11 (@GhettoPrincess) 10 x 3 (@31entrance, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Charley)

    Lowest: 1 (@Satan_Harper) 2 (@Meana)

    My Score: 8

    Voter Bloc 1: #9
    Voter Bloc 2: #64
    Voter Bloc 3: #53
    Voter Bloc 4: #42
    Voter Bloc 5: #40

    Final Voters: #52

    Charts: #27 (U.S.) #73 (Canada) #87 (Australia)

    Release: lead single for the Hannah Montana 2 soundtrack.

    Songwriters: Matthew Gerard (producer) and Robbie Nevil

    Reviews: Generally positive, praising the song's message and 'pure pop candy' delivery of the message.

    Music Video: Live performance taken from the song. In the show's episode "Get Down, Study-udy-udy" Hannah uses the song (written by her father in the show) as way to help her study for a biology mid-term.

    Hazey's Focus: Some people might think "Best of Both Worlds" would be the most well known Hannah Montana song but I instantly think of this, in fact it is her most successful song from the franchise. Yeah, the message about not letting your mistakes keep you down and instead "living and learning it" and acknowledging that nobody's perfect might be a bit 'on the nose' and simple but with a feel-good performance of it like this, who in their right mind is denying it?

    It's funny how @Sally_Harper (1) has the gall to say she's in pain when we all have to deal with these soul-crushing scores from her: "Why must I suffer in this way?"

    @Mina (2) continues that narrative thinking that everything Miley was doing at this time was designed to bother her: "The original Disney troll." - Directly from the original PJ rate troll's mouth. xx

    At least @Remorque (6.5) is able to recognize that it has a place in this world: "I could enjoy this for what it is as a teen bop that my 13 year old self would have eaten up, but listening to now it just doesn't quite resonate with me as much..." Age is just a number when it comes to music.

    I have to agree with @iheartpoptarts (7.5) as long as she's willing to lump Breakout and Meet Miley Cyrus into the collection: "Unpopular opinion time: Hannah, on average, might just be a better popstar than Miley herself."

    I'm jealous that @livefrommelbs (8.5) might have had more iconic school dances than I ever did: "Put this on at a club or party and watch everybody STILL lose their goddamn minds like they're sipping soda at a 6th grade school disco."

    Hell, if @31entrance (10) was at one of those dances, they might have to wander off to the corner and have an emotional moment: "that chorus still gets to me after all these years!"

    The teen-pop loving person we've come to known as @WhenTheSunGoesDown (10) was created the day he made file-sharing discovery: "Basically my first foray back into teen pop after several years of exclusively listening to soundtracks was randomly downloading this incredible bop on Limewire. I’ve spent approximately 40 hours of my life lip syncing/shouting along to this song on my bike since then." Yas, I love how we have an old file-sharing reference in every one of my rates. I used WinMX then Limewire, I can't remember poptarts's site of choice but I'm sure she'll remind us.

    I guess my opening rate banner and accompanying avatar worked for something because it helped @GhettoPrincess (11) get into the spirit and narrow down their 11 choice: "What a TUNE! This is super sublime pop and I live for it. I was deciding what my 11 could be and I guess this one stood out as the most Radio Disney bop that I love so there you go."

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