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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. Noooo at Ready or Not leaving us and we were SO close to the top 30
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  2. Bridgit Mendler Recap

    Highest: DJHazey (10) @Hurricane Drunk (9.5) @31entrance (9)

    Lowest: @Sally_Harper (3) @GhettoPrincess (3.5) Sprocky's BF (4)

    Artist Ranking

    Bea Miller - 7.300
    Sofia Carson - 7.125
    Bridgit Mendler - 6.925
    Lucy Hale - 6.719
    Emily Osment - 6.716
    Coco Jones - 6.575
    Laura Marano - 6.295
    College 11 - 6.233
    Dove Cameron - 6.225
    Olivia Holt - 6.170
    XO-IQ - 6.135
    Vanessa Hudgens - 6.129
    Bella Thorne/Zendaya - 6.060
    China Anne McClain - 5.788
    The Cheetah Girls/Raven - 5.688​
  3. What songs left would you consider both realistic and unpredictable Top 5 candidates?
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  4. Everytime I post an updated artist ranking, I realize everything @Sally_Harper is doing to my favs is revenge for what we all did to Vanessa, ddd.
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  5. Haha, I just wanted to see if you'd give anything away if I said that. *wink*

    Well played.
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  6. As if you actually wanted a hint. Or wait, you wanted one of those 'special hints' just for you, or not, or I don't know. Women are confusing. Life is hard, etc.

    Anyhow, to close the book on Bridgit I wanted to point people to a couple of amazing songs from her album Hello My Name Is... that they might not know and once they hear once will move to explore it. Trust me, they aren't just some random favs, but are legit bops.

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  7. Did I want a hint? Does it matter? Or did I just wanna banter with you 'cause it's fun?

    P.S. This one.

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  8. I thought Ready Or Not would've gotten a little higher for sure! That said, we're getting down to the wire now. i was looking at the songs that are left and there's probably only a handful that I could say with confidence should be out next. Then it's a free-for-all.
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  9. It’s hard to say what will be out next. I suspect that Like Woah and overrated can’t have much time left in the rate.
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  10. Going into the rate, I sure as heck didn't expect the song at #38 to go anywhere before the Top 20 ad it's not even one of my favorites since I only gave it an 8. You've been warned.
  11. I love juicy!
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  12. What it feels like when you post an elimination as a host sometimes...


    Also, Thelma & Louise, I mean & Beyoncé and Gaga, I mean the Villain Vixens, I mean the Sinister Sisters, aka @Mina and @Sally_Harper are at it again.


    #38. Selena Gomez - Come & Get It - 7.538

    Highest: 10 x 6 (@aniraz, @soratami, @Alouder98, @Remorque, @Blond, @Charley)

    Lowest: 1 (@Mina) 2 (@Sally_Harper) 4 (@iheartpoptarts)

    My Score: 8

    Voter Bloc 1: #40
    Voter Bloc 2: #76
    Voter Bloc 3: #44
    Voter Bloc 4: #62
    Voter Bloc 5: #55

    Final Voters: #38

    Charts: #6 (U.S.) #8 (UK) #46 (Australia) #53 (Austria) #2 (Belgium) #4 (Brazil) #6 (Canada) #22 (Czech Republic) #34 (Denmark) #28 (Finland) #34 (France) #58 (Germany) #28 (Hungary) #6 (Ireland) #66 (Italy) #9 (Lebanon) #13 (Mexico) #84 (Netherlands) #14 (New Zealand) #16 (Norway) #12 (Russia) #6 (Scotland) #37 (Slovakia) #37 (South Korea) #40 (Spain) #42 (Switzerland) #5 (Turkey) #4 (Venezuela)

    Year-End Charts: #33 (U.S.) #144 (UK) #36 (Canada)

    Certifications: 3x Platinum (U.S.) 2x Platinum (Canada) Platinum (Norway) Gold (Australia, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, Venezuela) Silver (UK)

    Release: Lead single from Selena's fourth album Stars Dance in April 2013. Selena spoke about wanting it to be the lead single: "I just remember recording it and being in the studio and just thinking of how the place I was in and what I was going through and I was just so excited about it and I wanted it to be the first single." ... "The reason I wanted it to be the first single was because radiates, as I said before, trust and out and that's something I'm willing to share with the world. This is the place I want to be and want to represent something good and be a good example, so I think it's fun."

    Songwriters: Ester Dean, Mikkel S. Eriksen (producer), Tor Erik Hermansen (producer) (aka Stargate) The song's demo was originally planned for Rihanna's Talk That Talk, but Rihanna passed on it. It was also the last song recorded for Stars Dance. Selena had this to say about working with her writers/producers: "I'm a huge Stargate fan – I think their beats and what they produce is just gold ... And Ester Dean is just an incredible vocalist that a lot of people know, but if you actually hear her voice just solely on her own, it's just stunning, and it's really haunting." Prior to the single's release, it had been rumored that Selena had worked with Taylor swift on the upcoming song, but this was obviously was proven to be a myth.

    Lyrics: Many critics praised "Come & Get It" for bringing forth a more mature image from Selena, who agreed that she had wanted to present something entirely different with the song. The story isn't about a particular person, according to Selena, despite people think it may be about Bieber. The lyrics are obviously about wanting to get back with a former lover and being ready whenever they want to "come and get it". Some people criticized the non-feminist approach, notably Lorder who loved the song's audio elements but said she was "sick of women being portrayed this way".

    Reviews: "Come & Get It" received mainly positive feedback for the Indian elements in the production and some called it a 'Rihanna anthem', while a few critics did come after her vocals especially on the verses. Selena also received some criticism from religious sects for wearing a bindi during performance of the song.

    Hazey's Focus: This is easily the most commercially successful single we've eliminated yet. Back when we did the first Selena discography rate in 2014, I gave this a 5.5 and said I didn't understand the hype nor did I think it would grow on me, but yeah it did. I made peace with loving what I love about it, mainly the fact that a chorus that was once annoying to my ears became catchy especially the stuttered effects. It's good enough to stay in my rotation and that's about it because I would rank a dozen songs over it from its parent album.

    Surprisingly we barely got any commentary for such a massive moment in modern teen-pop.

    What's wrong @Mina (1)? I think many are going to say this got eliminated far too early: "Oh. How disappointing."

    While @Sally_Harper (2) tries to play it safe by saying she "just doesn't like this very much".

    We've heard the story about how [bop]stars should never experiment a million times before from @iheartpoptarts (4), so it shouldn't come as surprise: "The one Selena song in this rate I actively dislike. Sometimes popstars try super hard for something different and end up with something annoying in the process." I bet you're looking at this elimination as a bit of revenge huh?

    Trust me I know that @WhenTheSunGoesDown (5) just goes right back to "Like a Champion" on the tracklist instead of playing this: "BYE." See there he goes now..

    I still feel about the same way @Sprockrooster (7) does, even if I'm come around a lot on the song over the years: "I love the intercultural feel, but for some reason that chorus sounds lazy."

    And no comments from our top scorers, maybe they'll let us know how they feel via the thread.

  13. Whaaat!?

    Some of y'all must really hate fun.
  14. Come and Get It is a bop and while not my favorite Selena song it deserved to be higher than 38...
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  15. After everything that has taken place in this rate, you have the nerve to say this?

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  16. Good.

    Nope, I'm the fun expert!
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  17. Not sure when they'll be posted yet, but three of the next four eliminations are victories for me at this point. Keep that in mind.

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  18. If I remember correctly you are not a big fan of my 11 so let me be a bit afraid.
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  19. This... doesn't bode well.
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  20. Just checked and Ashley has the second most songs left (tied with Selena). Definitely not something I would have expected!
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