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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. You can but I think she's busy raising a family these days and from the looks of it she hates this elimination as much and you or I do.

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  2. GET



  3. I can live with that. We might as well punish this kind of production, too! (Do you hear me Kristian Lundin?)

    Anyway, I've just been reminded that I need to revisit that random Hilary bonus track or whatever that sounds like Cher Lloyd.
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  5. On another subject, Party In The U.S.A needs to go
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  6. Oh wow some of these opinions are going to lead to fights. Kill each other!

  7. [​IMG]
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  9. That's it! Thank you!
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  10. My ideal top 10 would be :

    10. Potential Breakup Song
    9. Heart Attack
    8. Sparks
    7. Masquerade
    6. Come Clean
    5. Party In the USA
    4. Give Your Heart A Break
    3. A Year Without Rain
    2. Naturally
    1. Love Song

    Though as much as a top 3 of Selena songs seems iconic, I'm sure it won't happen.
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  11. A Year Without Rain for the win tibb.
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  12. Most of my favourites went ages ago so I'm just happy my 11 made the top ten!
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  13. They're all great, but if I had to pick I'd oust A Year Without Rain or Party In The U.S.A. next. GIVE POOR HILARY A BREAK.
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  14. Gosh, Selena Gomez & The Scene had the best pop tracks back then, didn't she? (see: Off The Chain) I wouldn't be mad for Love Song taking the win which is more likely(?), as much as I love Naturally.

    My top 5 looks like:
    1. Naturally
    2. Love Song
    3. Heart Attack
    4. Potential Breakup Song
    5. A Year Without Rain/Give Your Heart a Break
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  15. Top 10 for me would look something:
    10.Party In The U.S.A
    9.Heart Attack
    8.Give Your Heart A Break
    7.A Year Without Rain
    5.Love You Like A Love Song
    3.Potential Break Up Song
    1.Come Clean

    Okay not exactly like this ranking but the top 5 are definite
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  16. I'd post my exact Top 10 order, but then I'd give away my 11. I don't think people know quite what it is yet.
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  17. Come clean as we party like a love song?
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  18. So just as quickly as we were able to confirm all six artists had a place in our Top 10, we're cutting one of them out now..

    It could potentially lead to some break ups..

    ..but instead we'll party in a taxi cab and we know we're gonna be okay..

    ..but this was actually a masquerade party. Sorry.


    #10. Ashley Tisdale - Masquerade - 8.737

    Highest: 10 x 7 (@31entrance, @aniraz, @Sally_Harper, @Hurricane Drunk, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @iheartpoptarts, @unnameable)

    Lowest: 5 (@Mina) 7 x 3 (@soratami, @Sprockrooster, @Pecans)

    My Score: 9

    Voter Bloc 1: #18
    Voter Bloc 2: #10
    Voter Bloc 3: #9
    Voter Bloc 4: #6
    Voter Bloc 5: #10

    Final Voters: #10

    Release: First promotional single for Ashley's second album Guilty Pleasure, in July 2009.

    Hazey's Focus: The little engine that could for Ashley songs in this rate, as it turned things around and beat "Crank It Up" this time after finishing at #3 back then. I was on the fence about a 8 or 9 for this one to be honest (and didn't really want to mess with .5's). It's never been near my favorite for an album I love so dearly, but against most other artists, it definitely hold its own. It could've been that I compare it favorably against some other music in the rate or that I was having a great experience with it on that day, I mean sometimes Masquerade can just go awf when you're in the right mood and feel like an 11. The best parts about it are the spirit in Ashley's voice that clearly shows she's ready for fun with the charade message meaning she's still guarded about it after a tough breakup. Also Ashley presents herself as a master lyricist and gives us the best of run of rhymes ever: "Hipshaker, Dreammaker, Heartbreaker, Earthquaker ... Coinspender, Mindbender, Jetsetter, Gogetter." She had some of the best lyricists of modern times taking notes. Taylor Swift found barely breathing. Marina Diamandis left curled up in a fetal position. When will your favs, etc.

    That rhyming section always has @GhettoPrincess (8) ready to party: "Those verses are sublime, the chorus loses me slightly but it’s still a thrill ride of a song."

    It stood out from the get-go for @livefrommelbs (9): "I bopped HARD to this when Guilty Pleasure came out. This and Hot Mess were my faves - it's an absolute banger."

    This "fantastic" song according to @unnameable (10) was ready for its spotlight added @Martyn (9.5): "Should have been pushed as the third single."

    @WhenTheSunGoesDown (10) gets funny with the play on words: "I'm MASC4MASQ!"

    Since I have no idea what the first reference is, I'll definitely go with @iheartpoptarts's (10) second comparison: "Like a vaguely pop/rock 'Insanity' by Darin. I bet everyone else goes with ‘Womanizer’."

    These aren't tears, my eyes are just watery I swear! But my God does @Sally_Harper (10) just understand this album too, or what? Tell 'em: "This is amazing and it will always be amazing. IS THIS LOVE WE’RE IMITATING?!?!? Also, not to get too deep, but I find it interesting that the whole theme of this is changing for someone and hiding your true self for someone else’s benefit, compared to Overrated, which completely trashes the idea of changing for someone! Queen of bops with mixed messages."

  19. Ashley Tisdale Recap

    62. Not Like That - 6.825
    46. Be Good to Me - 7.310
    34. He Said She Said - 7.615
    26. It's Alright, It's OK - 7.850
    24. Overrated - 8.000
    20. Acting Out - 8.050
    14. Crank It Up - 8.463
    10. Masquerade - 8.737

    Highest: @31entrance (9.281) @unnameable (9) @WhenTheSunGoesDown (8.813) @Sally_Harper (8.750) @Hurricane Drunk (8.688)

    Lowest: @Blond (5.063) @Mina (5.375) @iheartpoptarts (7.375) @Sprockrooster (7.375)

    New Artist Ranking

    Ashley Tisdale - 7.851
    Lindsay Lohan - 7.331
    Bea Miller - 7.300
    Sabrina Carpenter - 7.200
    Sofia Carson - 7.125
    Miranda Cosgrove - 6.947
    Bridgit Mendler - 6.925
    Lucy Hale - 6.719
    Emily Osment - 6.716
    Coco Jones - 6.575
    Laura Marano - 6.295
    College 11 - 6.233
    Dove Cameron - 6.225
    Olivia Holt - 6.170
    XO-IQ - 6.135
    Vanessa Hudgens - 6.129
    Bella Thorne/Zendaya - 6.060
    China Anne McClain - 5.788
    The Cheetah Girls/Raven - 5.688
  20. A guy, so don't worry about it.

    Really, not too bad for a song that was barely even a single!
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