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Radio Disney Justice: A Teen-Pop Extravaganza - (Results: WINNER)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by DJHazey, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. We need a list of all the things you apparently can't say on Radio Disney.
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  2. Still though, "turn the lights down" from Hilary takes the cake for me.

    What if she was just turning the lights down to confirm her theory that "if the light is off then it isn't on".
  3. Still can't believe this had a random Japanese cover just 5 months later.
  4. So now that we're done eliminating artists for a wee bit, it's only fair that we even the queens up at two a piece. Selena it's your turn, hun.

    It's also an unpopular opinion when I say it's the wrong song going here.


    #7. Selena Gomez - A Year Without Rain - 8.913

    Highest: 10 x 11 (@Mina, @aniraz, @soratami, @Alouder98, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @iheartpoptarts, @Sprockrooster, @Pecans, @Remorque, @unnameable, DJHazey)

    Lowest: 5 (Sprocky's BF) 6 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @Blond) 6.5 (@Hurricane Drunk)

    Voter Bloc 1: #31 <-- There are no words.
    Voter Bloc 2: #7
    Voter Bloc 3: #6
    Voter Bloc 4: #4
    Voter Bloc 5: #5

    Final Voters: #7

    I believe this sat at #2 for a little bit as well.

    Charts: #35 (U.S.) #78 (UK) #78 (Australia) #3 (Belgium) #3 (Bulgaria) #30 (Canada) #56 (Germany) #41 (Czech Republic) #41 (Slovakia)

    Year-End Charts: #35 (U.S. Hot Dance Club)

    Certifications: 2x Platinum (U.S.) Gold (Australia)

    Release: Second single from Selena's second album A Year Without Rain, in September 2010.

    Songwriters: Lindy Robbins, Toby Gad (also producer)

    Fun Facts: California rock band Luce sued Gomez, Robbins, and Gad for lifting the chorus from their song "Buy a Dog". I can't seem to find anywhere whether they won the lawsuit or not.

    Hazey's Focus: I was thrilled when this finished 2nd to "Love You Like a Love Song" in her discography rate and this 3rd place finish seems more expected. I remember being disappointed by "Round & Round" but this saved everything from the first time I heard it premiere on Disney Channel. Amazing 'dance ballad' by definition as the eurodancy production is off the charts; I wouldn't expect anything less from Toby Gad. Also her vocals are so silky smooth and achingly beautiful throughout; I don't have time for the haters that say otherwise.

    Not surprisingly, everything was positive.

    @Martyn (9) admitted that nothing else was playing on his mp3 player for a while: "I was obsessed with this."

    Sigh, everything was going great for @Sally_Harper (9) but she had to go there: "This really reminds me of Marina’s Radioactive, and I LOVE Radioactive. Shame about the vaguely demonic sounding last note."

    During voting, @livefrommelbs (9) was busy rebuilding a Selena playlist: "An enduring fave for good reason. This rate is reminding me how many great songs Selena has, but this is definitely up there with the best."

    @Mina got right to the point and puts fear into those who love LYLALS and Naturally: "My favorite Selena song of the rate."

    I'm pretty sure @iheartpoptarts (10) would've used strategic voting for a few other songs in this rate, mainly another Selena song that is still in: "One of those obvious 10s that almost makes me want to knock other songs down. (I didn’t.)"

    This comment from @Sprockrooster (10) definitely describes how I feel when doing many rates but it never would apply to this particular song: "I remember this coming up in a shuffle and absolutely getting my life. One of those songs you rarely play yourself, but when you do it is life changing." If I hit 'shuffle me 20 songs' on my mediamonkey, I would always pick this before many others.

    @WhenTheSunGoesDown (10) hits upon one of the more glorious parts of the song, definitely one of my favorite elements: "I remember having listened to this on YouTube a lot, and then hearing the album version for the first time and there were like another 20 seconds of that amazing bridge! I was shook in the best possible way."

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  5. I'll be nice and toss you this hint about our tie at #5.

    It'll be different artists, so all queens are safely in the Top 4.
  6. Shaken by this painful day.
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  7. Even with your boyfriend trying to sabotage "Potential Breakup Song" before you got him to double the score, it still managed a #8 placing.
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  8. That song almost embodied a selffullfilling prophecy.
  9. Not liking Potential Breakup Song is something I just can't comprehend.
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  10. I'm not one to joke about couples breaking up, so I figured I'd let you work with the obvious joke there if you wanted to. Glad you two were able to look past the these differences though. xx
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  11. Well if an opinion about a song can break up a relation ship there must be more goign wrong. He also stans Calums version of Dancing On My Own way over Robyn and has the audacity to confront me with it also. I have bigger fish to deal with ddd.
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  12. That's true. Also, if two people can be in a relationship and root for opposing sports teams then anything is possible. I'm sure there are couples who root for Manchester City and United or Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain. I was once with someone who loved the New York Giants and I'm the biggest Patriots fan you'll ever meet.
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  13. Well opposites attract!
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  14. That's the Paula Abdul rate, sprocky.

    At least tell me he's the most loving, generous soul on the planet because he must have some major redeeming features to make up for the number of times he's been our rate villain.
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  15. OMG I hope it's Sparks and Give Your Heart a Break, I won't stand Naturally or Love Song leaving this "early"
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  16. Wait, so why exactly didn't Potential Breakup Song win the whole thing again? I'm starting to think it deserved it more than my 11 does.
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  17. They're so underrated around here I'm beginning to think I need to do their full discography rate - unreleased stuff and all - after Vanessa Carlton which is up next for me...just so they'll have a winning song for a winner's rate.
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  18. It's just ever so slightly overrated.
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  19. We are genuinely at the point now where I adore all the songs remaining so I know a fave is going to go next - but that's not going to stop me shrieking in shock like it's some unforseen injustice.
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  20. Hmm, I'll take your request into mind for part 1..

    You could even say this elimination was a 'fan-demanded' one.


    #5 (tie). Hilary Duff - Sparks - 8.950
    11 (@Pecans) 10 x 10 (@31entrance, @aniraz, @soratami, @livefrommelbs, @WhenTheSunGoesDown, @Sprockrooster, Sprocky's BF, @Remorque, @unnameable, @Charley)

    Lowest: 6 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @Sally_Harper) 7 x 3 (@Mina, @iheartpoptarts, @Blond)

    My Score: 9

    Voter Bloc 1: #35
    Voter Bloc 2: #28
    Voter Bloc 3: #21
    Voter Bloc 4: #17
    Voter Bloc 5: #7

    Final Voters: #5

    Charts: #93 (U.S.) #104 (Australia) #63 (Canada)

    Release: Lead single for Hilary's fourth album Breathe In. Breathe Out., in April 2015.

    Songwriters: Christian "Bloodshy" Karlsson (also producer), Peter Thomas (also producer), Tove Lo, Sam Shrieve, also produced by Svidden and Emily Wright.

    Fun Facts: Of course everyone knows how the original video was basically a Tinder advertisement showing Hilary on several Tinder dates, but less than a month later a "fan demanded version" was released with choreography and Hannah Lux Davis's signature color palette. "Sparks" was also used as the theme song for Hilary's TV show Younger.

    Hazey's Focus: This was a bit of a shock, seeing "Sparks" climb all the way up to #5 like this considering it finished behind the last few Hilary song we've eliminated here; ending up at #11 in her discography rate. After Hilary took her trip to Sweden to work with Bloodshy and Tove Lo, this was one of the first songs that came out of it. Hilary wanted to have some of the Swedish pop sound that was popular at the time and critic s and fans alike were thrilled to see she went back to her roots with some dancey pop. via my Hilary rate write-up: "Sparks is pretty much pop perfection, glossy and powered by a bubblegum pop engine. I don't think anyone failed to listen to this song 20+ times on day one, with reason. Although I stan for All About You, I was so relieved that she had returned to what she knows best: harmless, fun-filled, and easily digestible pop. That beat is everything and would get anyone moving, perfect for Tinder dating or any night on the dance floor. The vibe has the right element of lightness to it and helps to bridge her older music to 2015. The whistling, as one could imagine, is the one "take it or leave it" moment. I've personally never had any issue with it and can easily overlook the question, "What does the sound have to do with a heartbeat?". It all goes back to the beat for me, which literally drives the song into overdrive throughout the chorus and drives me insane."

    Oh @Sally_Harper (6) might not know it yet, but she just made a best friend with this comment: "This is pretty good, except for the whistling. Oh dear god I bloody hate whistling in songs. Stop it." You two may have had opposing opinions on many songs in this rate but you'll always have this..

    Am I right @iheartpoptarts (7)?: "The whistles here are kind of not helping. You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?" Of course I did yet I did get you to like a couple of beFour songs that are full of whistling so I'll always have that.

    @Blond (7) wanted to make sure we weren't being a little extra but the ranking says this score wasn't enough: "The tragic Tinder video is such a kii. The song is quite cute but I feel as though it might be massively overrated by you guys."

    @Mina (7) built a reputation as a low BIBO scorer in the discography rate so she had to represent one of her higher scores on the album, yeah I didn't stutter: "Oh hey, this coincidentally happens to be the same score I gave this song in the Hilary discography rate."

    We've all been where @Martyn (9.5) was, that moment when you're refuse to head to the airport until the new playlist finishes downloading: "Was so pleased this leaked before I went to Australia in 2015, was a BOP for my trip."

    @unnameable (10) doesn't want anyone to underrate how memorable the audio is: "I remember the whole video debacle, but the song is undeniably great."

    Haha I know @31entrance (10) meant but I'm glad he let me off the hook: "what a comeback single!! I will never forgive the gays and the girls of the world for letting this flop."

    No matter what the song did commercially or how long Hilary spent promoting it, it's on Sprockrooster's (10) biographical timeline: "A moment in the history of recorded music."

    It's even more than that for @WhenTheSunGoesDown (10): "It’s what the fans demand!!! (Fan Demanded Version is truly one of my favourite pop culture moments of all time. It’s so petty, and that video is legendary.)"

    @Remorque (10) also gives Hilary her props for giving the fans what they wanted: "Such a fun, chill tune. I was impressed when she came back with this and enjoyed the five minutes she plugged Breathe In. Breathe Out., yet re-introduced humanity to Tinder." It was a gift to her fans, just remember that. ~

    It almost got top marks from @livefrommelbs (10) for all the times he personally made sure the club was lit: "A definite contender for my 11, and a song that's become one of my all-time faves since it first came out. Whenever I go to a certain gay club in Melbourne I request this, and the DJ ALWAYS plays it and everybody ALWAYS loses their marbles. HA IMPACT."

    And even with Lucy Hale in the rate, Hilary wasn't going to be denied when it came to what the perfect Disney-pop song is for @Pecans (11): "Sparks is the ultimate concoction of everything that pop should have and be. A sassy music video (Fan Demanded, of course), fun verses, and a catchy chorus, all delivered by a legend… and you don’t get anyone from Disney as legendary as Hilary Duff, really. How could I not give Sparks my 11? It’s every gay’s ideal piece of pop music, and Hilary gave us THAT."

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