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Rae Morris - [email protected] (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Tiger Suit, Feb 1, 2021.

  1. Between this and “Dreams of You”, Rae sounds right at home on progressive house.
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  3. I was wary at first, but hearing the four preview singles in succession, I understand the concept a bit better. It's really domesticated, down-to-earth and sweet, and even though I wanted hard electronic bops (as is usual!), I'm glad her and hubby found inspiration in the fairytale that their life must be.
  4. Yeah this is all definitely making more sense. There's something impressionistic about these songs. I love how there's a sudden production glitch, a string swell, a processed vocal. The directness of the lyrics makes everything sound like a series of sonnets. Definitely curious to hear it all together.
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  5. So if you’re down on Earth
    And I’m up in the skies
    I’d hope that you might choke and die

  6. My copy arrived yesterday, which was a nice surprise. Listening properly now, Low Brow is positively HORMONAL. General vibe is dreamy and cinematic so far.
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    I’m intrigued to listen because I’m still really not into anything here at all….but it did take a while for Do It to really hit so I’ll remain patient!
  8. What a lovely album her vocals are lush and sound a lot stronger on this album and the arrangements are beautiful it might not be as instant or pop as “Somewhere out there” but there is a place for both.
    Going from “No woman is an island” to “Better man” what an opening i wanted to just go back and listen to the two songs again to appreciate the poetry Rae does so well in her lyrics.
    What a great addition to her catalogue and a perfect ear worm for first thing in the morning whilst working from home.
  9. Echoing the earlier comment that this is not nearly as instant as "Somewhere out there'. It is dreamy and cinematic but not sure anything on here would really work as a radio single. It is probably meant to be heard as a whole album. "Low Brow" might be the closest thing to radio fodder on here.
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  10. Love the album! Better Man and In the Wild are standouts for me
  11. I've thoroughly enjoyed this. It's its own little world, and again, Kate Bush seems like such a logical point of reference. "The Carrot" is a socialist anthem!?
  12. This is quite different than what I was expecting, even though that's a bit on me for still clinging on the years old hint she was going to give us more "Rose Garden" on future material. Putting this on, it became quickly clear she had another direction in mind instead. The album title is perfectly apt in the sense it does sound like I'm being thrown into a story told in a colorful, fairy-like, magical world. She's really in her quirky bag here.

    The ever-changing production is impressive. The whole thing has a cinematic tinge to it, like I'm listening to the soundtrack of an unreleased movie. On the downside, it can be a lot (I was a couple seconds away from skipping "The Carrot" before it finally came to an end fff), make some songs sound busy and feel more like they are acts in a continuous play instead of individual songs than stand on their own like her previous material did. Not that there's anything wrong with that, as long as it's well executed, it's just not an approach I'm used to. Early standouts are "Better Man", which is an instant career high, and "Running Shoes". Most of the rest will have to grow on me.
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  13. Those last 90 seconds of In the Wild...

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  14. Also, the album is at #37 in the midweeks, though I don’t expect that to hold sadly.
  15. I need to give this another listen but I really do love the dreamlike, lush vibes of what I heard. The production shifts keep you engaged but makes the songs harder to digest in some ways.
  16. I've been listening to the album before going to sleep (or trying to in this heat), and that feels like a perfect time. But I do wonder how it will do sales-wise as it doesn't quite fit in anywhere, that's its artistic strength but also its commercial weakness. Some of the preview tracks slipped under my radar, so those who aren't invested already would have missed it completely. In the context of the album they come to life.

    I really love it, touching, humorous lyrics with lush production. In a world without budgets, it would be accompanied by a film with live action and animation.
  17. I actually forgot that this was released last week. Seeing that Kate Bush and Jon Brion's film scores were an influence for this album, I should technically love it. Also, some of the sounds remind me of the first 2 Bat For Lashes albums, which I love. However, I couldn't really connect with it thus far. I've never been the biggest fan of her voice and I thought some of the more "abrasive" production choices on her last album made for a nice contrast; here it's all a bit much with these Disney-strings. Also I'm not sure if the songs are strong enough to leave a lasting impression. Time will tell. I'm not hearing Rose Garden 2.0 which is what I was hoping for.

    Anyway, it reminded me of Spellings "The Idler Wheel", one of my favourite albums from last year and worth checking out if you haven't yet. It's somewhat similar with the Fairytale-allusions, but maybe a bit darker, more direct yet more adventurous.
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