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Rae Morris | Someone Out There (Album & Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Jul 19, 2014.

  1. I discovered Rae Morris through her feature on Clean Bandit's album ("Up Again") and am totally obsessed! She's from Blackpool, signed to Atlantic and has been working with Ariel Rechtshaid on her own album, although she's released a few EPs already.

    Here's one of her singles, "Do You Even Know?":


    And my favourite song of hers so far, "Don't Go", which was on the Skins soundtrack a couple of years ago (apparently the show's producers approached her directly about writing a song for the finale): https://soundcloud.com/raemorris/rae-morris-dont-go.
  2. I've just heard her new track Cold on Sunday Brunch and I instantly fell in love with it! I really like the rest of her tracks on Spotify as well and she's obviously really talented. Apparently she was also on the Bombay Bicycle Club track Luna which I guess partly explains why I liked that so much. Radio 1 have surprisingly playlisted Cold so she may even have a bit of well deserved commercial success.

  3. 'Cold' is pretty damn amazing, I heard it on Radio 1 when I was waiting for the premiere of Florrie's 'Little White Lies'.
  4. I love Cold. It's such a brilliant little song.
  5. "Closer" is fantastic. Love the "Return of the Mack" sample!
  6. "Closer" video (because I can tell you've all been waiting on tenterhooks!):

  7. 26th January!


  8. really ticked off that this EP has not released in the US. "Closer" is absolutely brilliant. When will the antiquated practice of region-specific releases stop????
  9. She's just released a video for Under The Shadows which is another great song and the video's pretty good as well. Being a cynical old sod I keep expecting to be disappointed by every new track that she releases, but so far I have loved everything that she has done!

  10. "Unguarded" is the free single of the week on iTunes! Happy New Year, one and all (and of course to our lord and saviour, Queen Rae).
  11. I have just discovered her through the iTunes free song of the week, colour me interested!
    Had a quick listen to her other singles and now im perched for her album in a few weeks.
  12. RJF


    This will do nicely until Florence comes back.
  13. I love 'Under The Shadows'. Wasn't too big a fan on first after a relisten I was hooked.
  14. Closer is a jam. Cutfather & Joe 90s t*as.
  15. *Ellie Goulding
  16. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Unguarded is great! Definitely keeping an eye out on her
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