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Raffaella Carrà is now in Diva heaven!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. My earliest pop / diva memories is watching her show on Rai Uno (we somehow got that channel via Yugoslavia satellite when I was a child) and hugging the TV. A cig was born!

    Rest in peace queen!
  2. RIP What a legend!
  3. In Italy we are all shocked. LEGEND.
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  4. I'm not lying when I say she made us all 70s kids gay

  5. If Italy ever had a gay icon, it was Raffaella. RIP Queen, we will miss you.
  6. That one time Raffaella graced Top Of The Pops with her presence.

  7. I just heard the news. She was the Queen of Everything. RIP, dear Carrà
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  8. Raffaella was an historic figure, and I don't mean that as hyperbole: she transformed Italian culture forever. And most remarkably, she did that by simply being herself. She was always more attuned to the future than the present. Half a century of pushing for freedom, self-love, independence, solidarity, sex-positivity and doing so in such a pure, elegant, professional, warm, exuberant, joyous way. Dancing her way out of taboos, blowing boundaries up with her iconic powerful laugh, conquering every house across 2 whole continents and 4 different generations. To the ghost of your great-grandma to your goth-punk teenage cousin: everyone found something to love about her. When someone in my circle for friends goes through heartbreak, we have a habit to comfort them with the "and if he leaves you, do this: find a hotter guy who has no issues" line from "Tanti auguri". She taught self-respect to the women and queers of this country: another non-hyperbole. She was our teacher, our leader, our inspiration. The legacy she leaves behind is unparalleled. There's a common joke in Italy that anything original an American popstar has ever tried to do, Raffaella had already done it decades earlier. The pride she fills us with, it's so fucking much. And sadly proportional to the hurt we feel right now.

    Her death is an immeasurable loss, especially now that her message and allyship was more needed than ever. There was no one better than her. Truly the greatest icon Italy has ever seen.
  9. Post of the year, truly beautiful.
  10. I mean

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  11. She only had one hit over here in 1977, but it is my earliest music memory (the clip posted below). Her discography is so amazing, not to mention her TV work. One of the original ICONS.

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  12. Thank you @Vasilios for this and @Psycho wow what a fantastic way to honour her memory.
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  13. She was also huge here in Spain, where the news have come as a total shock. I am a 90’s kid, and I had a VHS tape with several of her performances that I would obsessively watch over and over again trying to mimic her iconic hairwhip. Come to think of it, I hadn’t even realized she was probably my very first diva.
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  14. Yes, like Applause said, she was very loved in Spain, she was on Spanish TV a lot from the 70s through the 90s. In many ways she did so many risqué performances for the very censored TV of the time, she probably helped TV to be more open (I think they were tolerant with her because she was a foreigner, really). Once she settled here and became a TV presenter for a while, her bubbly and lovable personality really shone.

    She'll be very missed, her songs are stompers in any gay club. it's one of those artists so full of life you thought they'd never die. May she RIP.
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  15. Wasn’t she the first female performer to show her belly button on Spanish television?
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  16. I don’t know about Spain but she was in Italy.
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  17. Honestly I don't know. I do recall a Spanish TV performance with half-naked male dancers frolicking around in pink lycra tights in the very early 80s (1980 or 81), which was a scandal at the time. More than one viewer probably questioned his heterosexuality that night
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  18. For years I thought mine was Madonna until I realised, Raffa was the very first one I just didn't realise it. I didn't own any records or anything but she definitely was the first I loved.

    My other Raffaella - Madonna memory is when I was in Barcelona to see Madonna's Drowned World the girl that hosted us for the night showed us her vinyl and there it was, a Raffaella sings Spanish album - she then explained she had loads of stuff sung in spanish for those markets.
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  19. I really cannot put into words how shocked I was yesterday and I still can't believe that she is gone like this. No one knew about her disease and just a few days ago we were celebrating her 78th birthday.

    As a little gay boy from Italy, Raffaella represented and will represent everything and more for me.
    She is part of our history and she will always live in our heart.

    Ciao Raffa.
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