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RAIGN (That girl Cheryl hated on X-Factor)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by Tiger Suit, May 25, 2018.

  1. I've searched as much as I can for this girl and was shocked to find that she didn't have a page already.
    In 2014, this lass auditioned for X-Factor and when she got an initial no, she fought for a second chance (Which Cheryl wasn't big on) and progressed after singing an original song.

    Anyway, I thought I'd make a page dedicated to her actually-really good music.

    Her brand is very cinematic and slightly apocalyptic.
    Her singles and EP's combined give an album of roughly 16-20 songs.

    The song where it all began

    @backstreetjoe @LE0Night, @2014, @constantino
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  2. Loving the epicness of this!
  3. We stan.
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  4. First single from her upcoming album
    It's not as cinematic as her previous efforts, but there's a noughties pop-rock about it.
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  6. This is one of the best thread titles on PJ.
  7. I listened to her music and it's great. Out of time is amazing but I have to admit that I also hated the girl on X-Factor !! She was such a nightmare !! All I wanted was to yell SHUT UP and GET OUT !!! I hope she changed because her Ego won't make her go that far
  8. That girl Cheryl rightfully hated on X-Factor
  9. I'd quit watching by then I think, what did she do to be hated? I'm concerned 'cause her music is awesome but if she's a total plank I'll need to reassess.
  10. "That girl Cheryl hated on X Factor" ... Nicole Scherzinger?
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  11. The album, 'SIGN', coming soon.
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  12. Just in case you haven't seen it since you asked, this was her audition - the reason why Cheryl didn't like her kinda speaks for itself:
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  13. SIGN comes out Sept 21st.

    1. SIGN (Intro)
    2. Out of Time
    3. Who Are You
    4. God Only Knows (Beach Boys cover)
    5. Into Heaven Alone
    6. Inside of Me
    7. Sign
    8. Calling
    9. Hold On to The Sky
    10. Find My Own Way
    11. Sunrise
    12. Evergreen
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  14. Album is out and it's really good. Her cover of God Only Knows is absolutely beautiful

  15. Anything as amazing as Don't Let Me Go on here?
  16. Looking forward to buying the album tomorrow!
  17. Sonically; this album is less indie pop drama ballads and slightly more of a nod to Florence when she liked orchestral drums, but with a pop tweaking... so it's hard to tell, but I think this is a very strong album.

    These are my top songs that she's done

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  18. I have been following her since X Factor and she's just the gift that keeps on giving. I'm a Cheryl fan but I really really dig RAIGN and her music. I'm glad she's finally getting a little bit of more attention. The record was definitely worth the wait.
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  19. I love her voice so much that I'll take a chance on the album. Don't Let Me Go is one of the best ever songs to (kind of) come out of The X Factor!
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