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Rainbow Trollsers

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jun 6, 2015.



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  1. Somewhere in the distance, ricky7whispers has sensed a disturbance in the force.
  2. I low key hate ricky7whispers because he seems so into himself.
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  3. He ain't even cute.
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  4. Yes he is. He's kind of douche-y cute tho.
  5. Paris ASMR is cuter.
  6. Ddddd ASMR has lowkey become an avenue for some online sex workers to do promo. I mean, get your coins, girls, but I scream at their impact with how much this ear-eating trend has overtaken ASMR with its sexual undertones, to the point that even thirsty gays are jumping on it.

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  7. I actually don't mind Pelagea but the other ones are low key trolls.
  8. Nnnnno
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  9. I see where Davey Wavey is getting his ASMR inspiration from.

    Not y'all exploring the underbelly of ASMR while Miss Wanita aka Spirit aka ASMRTheChew is bringing light and relaxation to the people with wholesome, caring ASMR.

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  11. Latte: Now we know that you are fully qualified to be our new Santa Claus.
    Me: [​IMG]
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  12. I think Ricky has some good, relaxing videos.

    But Lucy is stil the Queen of ASMR. I love the personal shopper videos.

  13. Springbok is my personal favorite. Her videos are so rare, every time she releases a new one I'M GAGGING.
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  14. .........................................I should've known better than to Google this.
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  15. You hadn't known about the pandering walking nipple that is Dave Wavey before now? I'm envious.
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  16. Nah, I knew of Davey Wavey. I was just trying to picture what his attempt at ASMR would be, and without even listening to it, it was everything I thought it would be.
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  17. Oh my god now I'm feeling out of the loop. He's attempted some ASMR? Isn't his voice a little too shrill?!
  18. I just realized ASMR Darling hit over one million subscribers and has more than GentleWhispering. This is great and all but there's still something that seems... insincere about her portrayal.
  19. Not you being the Access Hollywood of sleeping aids.
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